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Whether you’re planning on taking your team to a resort or simply to a conference space around the corner, between the actual cost and the opportunity costs, retreats can be an expensive proposition.

As such, your law firm retreat needs to meet your goals and balance the need for productive meetings and team-building opportunities.

fSquared Marketing not only assists with defining your goals, but we also help you achieve them throughout the retreat process. If needed, we can also take the stress out of planning the agenda necessary to create a successful retreat.

Services Include:

  • Pre-retreat goal definition
  • Agenda preparation
  • Execution of agenda and meeting facilitation
  • Strategic planning development
  • Development of business development training sessions

“We found fSquared Marketing to be particularly helpful in guiding us through various workshops at our retreat. That training has allowed us to develop strategies and implement systems to move us forward.”

'- Peter Brown, Managing Partner, Edwards, Kenny & Bray LLP
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