Pricing is dependent on the scope of the project, the size of the firm, and your firm’s aspirations. We are committed to delivering real, measurable value in exchange for a fair price.

The fSquared Marketing team offers a level of legal expertise and strategic creativity that you won’t find in a freelancer or general agency. We are not a “low-cost provider” because our services are among the best in legal marketing, tailored to the unique needs of each client. Considering how important these initiatives are for law firms, and how much value can be added when well-executed, “cheap” projects often turn out to be expensive mistakes.

We work with clients with big ambitions

The best work takes close collaboration and vision. We are only interested in delivering the best! For this reason, we select our clients with care. Our clients are market leaders. Or, they have the ambition to reach that level.

We’d love to work with you if:

  • You are a law firm that understands the value of quality and experience.
    We specialize in legal marketing and we like nothing more than helping a law firm grow its practice. That said, if your firm is doing interesting work in a related field, we would be thrilled to partner with you.
  • You are ready to pursue excellence.
    We like to think of ourselves as a coach, helping clients go for gold. If your firm is fine with mediocre then we’re probably not a good fit for you. If, however, your firm is ready to take its marketing and business development to the next level, and you have the budget in place to get started, we can help you pursue success.
  • You are open to innovation.
    The legal industry is changing rapidly. Our best clients are meeting these challenges with creative solutions and want to work with an external consultancy with the expertise to assist.

If you’re still interested, we are happy to discuss your objectives and provide a better idea of what your project will cost.

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