Corporate Social Responsibility

Although fSquared Marketing is a small firm by many standards, we are committed to our global citizenship and corporate social responsibility. We are dedicated to our local and global community, and recognize the importance of our natural environment.

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fSquared Marketing is proud to call beautiful British Columbia its home, and our team has always been mindful of how the day-to-day running of our firm impacts the environment. We strive to minimize this impact as much as we can.

The fSquared Office

All of the paper in our office and that is used for client-related work or promotion is ethically sourced, so as to limit its impact on the environment by combatting deforestation and its impact on local and indigenous communities where the lumber is harvested. Much of our paper is also 100% recycled, closing the production chain and further minimizing our impact on the environment.

Like most of BC, fSquared is proud to source our electricity from BC Hydro, which generates 95% of its power using hydroelectric dams. fSquared has also committed to, over the next two years, transferring over to getting 100% of our heating needs from renewable natural gas from FortisBC, sourced from bio-gas created by the decomposition of organic waste like food scraps.

Carbon Emissions

Airplanes are, hands down, the most environmentally damaging method of transportation. Unless market constraints are put in place, growth in aviation emissions will result in the sector’s emissions amounting to all or nearly all of the annual global CO2 emissions budget by 2050, if climate change is to be held to a temperature increase of 2 °C or less. However, as our world becomes more globalized, air travel has become a necessity of corporate life.

As such, in order to offset the carbon emissions from our air travels, we are endeavoring to offset these carbon emissions through “Less Emissions”. By paying to offset our emissions, we pay “Less” to plant a certain number of trees, based on how far we travelled and how much carbon we put out by doing so. We thank our clients who have joined us in this initiative.


We aren’t only focused on our environmental impact at fSquared Marketing. As we have grown as a company, we have become increasingly aware of the impact we can have on our community. We also recognize our place within the global community and have endeavored to take part in initiatives that support others in fulfilling their goals.

corporate soical responsibility fsquared marketing csr
KIND (Kids in Need of Desks)

It’s no secret that empowering girls and women is one of the most important things we can do. Educated girls realize higher wages and greater upward mobility, contributing to economic growth. Their rates of maternal mortality drop, as do mortality rates of their babies. They are less likely to marry as children or against their will. They have lower incidence of HIV/AIDS and malaria.

But in Malawi, girls make up only 9% of all secondary school students – in part because of secondary school fees. In a country where more than 40% of the population lives on less than a dollar a day, the cost of a girl’s secondary education is prohibitive for most families.

This year, through UNICEF’s Kids in Need of Desks (KIND) initiative, we have sponsored a year of education for a girl in Malawi, providing tuition plus room and board, books, transportation, school uniforms, and supplies.

KIVA Initiative

We began supporting other small businesses in our global community this year through the micro-loan program KIVA. KIVA is a crowdfunding-based microloans initiative that allows businesses and individuals to loan money to people in the developing world to get an education, open a business, or invest in equipment. This system creates a partnership of mutual dignity and makes it easy to touch more lives with the same dollar. Fund a loan, get repaid, fund another. KIVA is unique in the fact that most of the loans are used to support female-led businesses or women’s education.

This year, we helped support Harriet, a farmer in Uganda who grows crops to feed her family and sells the surplus to support them. She has been a recipient of micro-loans since 2016 and has used them to buy seeds, fertilizer, and equipment, as well as hire labour to help on her farm. In the future, we hope to continue to support women and small business owners like Harriet, who embody the same values we at fSquared Marketing hold dear.

Holiday Initiatives

This year, for our holiday giving endeavour, we enlisted the help of our team here at fSquared Marketing to choose which organizations we would support, both local and global. The charities chosen were The Santa Shoebox Project which provides children and teens in South Africa and Namibia with Christmas presents during the holiday season, and The Snowball Fight for Kids at the BC Children’s Hospital.

Read more about these initiatives.

Other Charitable Initiatives

In 2019, we also worked with other vendors at the LMA Annual Conference in Atlanta to provide school supplies to vulnerable kids in the Atlanta area through the Atlanta Food Bank. We were proud to provide one thousand backpacks for this initiative.

We also participated in the Gala of Grace, which raised funds to provide shelter for local women who were survivors of domestic violence


Our most recent initiative targeted our corporate legal marketing community, bringing awareness to the mental health struggles that plague legal marketers. Mental health and wellness has always been a key issue for the team at fSquared Marketing. When we realized that there was a marked lack of data on the mental wellbeing of legal marketers (as opposed to the lawyers they support), we resolved to fix this. We surveyed 200 legal marketers across several countries and firm sizes. We compiled these findings into an in-depth research report, which we are pleased to share (at no cost) with law firms, universities, journalists, anyone and everyone with an interest in the legal profession.