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Your firm is one-of-a-kind. Your team is composed of individuals with their own areas of expertise. Your clients are esteemed. We believe that your brand, your logo, and your marketing should reflect this unique spirit.

At fSquared Marketing, we know a thing or two about creating compelling designs. You can expect an award-winning design team to articulate your brand spirit, able to communicate what you might struggle to.

Our designers will listen closely to you and translate what you have to say into a visual language. They know how to get at the root of what makes your firm special. Taking a team approach to design and drawing from attributes that make our clients unique, we ensure that our work is distinct. Every time. If you’re ready for a brand refresh, a website upgrade, or a totally new look, we can help. We have the expertise to showcase yours.

Ready for us to build you a new design?


How is fSquared Marketing different from other agencies?

There is no other legal marketing firm in Canada, dare we say North America, with our combination of legal and business development experience, project management, web experience, and design and marketing expertise. Founder and CEO, Lynn Foley, has over two decades of experience in business development and marketing with leading firms. Co-founder and CDO, Rob Foley, has decades of experience in project management, web development, and design. Our clients include some of the best in-market law firms in both Canada and the United States. Everything your firm needs to grow, we do. From consultancy to design to training, we do it all. In-house.

What makes your designers so good?

Our designers have a knack for creating award-winning brands. Some qualities our designers have that make us industry leaders are:

· Aesthetics: Our award-winning designers stay up to date on design trends and modern approaches, ensuring your look and feel is contemporary and stands out from the crowd. They’re experts at brand consistency with a finely honed sense of balance and attention to detail.

· Usability: We keep the user in mind and test every aspect of the website to make sure navigation is intuitive.

· Accessibility: We make sure the target audience can reach and easily navigate any page we build.

· Responsiveness: Our designs are responsive and up to search engine standards.

· Functionality: We build in functions tailored to the needs of law firms (e.g., lawyer bios, pdf downloads, case studies).

Our designers have a successful history of working on branding, collateral design, web design, and project design. In addition, they know the importance of communication. You can count on our designers to come up with something you love.

How does your branding make an impact?

We believe that authenticity is the most important attribute to your brand. The thing people will remember and that expresses who you are. Through a series of discovery sessions, we will work with you to discover what makes your firm authentic and express it in a visual language. Our award-winning team will develop the elements like logos and graphics and copy, in addition to the marketing strategy. This is only part of your brand, however. Your firm’s relationship with your clients is also a vital part.

A strong brand will get and keep people’s attention. A consistent, cohesive brand will help you establish recognition with your target audience across different channels and increase the likelihood of being remembered and trusted, therefore, increasing clients and loyalty.

Authentic, distinct, consistent branding is how we will make an impact on your business, allowing your business to make an impact on your clients’ lives.

When should I consider redesigning my firm’s website?

The best way to determine if your website needs a refresh is to look at it objectively against the websites of your competitors. If you think it looks outdated, chances are, your potential clients will think so, too.

In addition to how it looks, you need to consider whether the technology is outdated. If your website takes a long time to load, it will make a bad impression on clients and lower your SEO rating. In addition, old website coding can expose your website to cyber-attacks.

A good rule of thumb is websites more than three years old need some refreshing. Even a simple redesign can make a difference in how your website looks and feels. The level of care you demonstrate on your website will translate to the level of care you show your clients.

What is web accessibility and how do I make my website accessible?

Web accessibility ensures there are no barriers that prevent people with physical or situational disabilities from interacting with websites. Making your website more accessible means making it perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust.

Web accessibility is rated using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards of A, AA, or AAA created by W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium, an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. As of January 1, 2021, in Canada, private or non-profit organizations with more than 50 employees and all public sector organizations including the Government of Canada must make their website and web content compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA. In the United States, web accessibility is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act ('ADA') and courts throughout the country have held companies to a WCAG 2.1 AA standard.

As legal marketers, our role is to help your firm connect your expertise with the people who need it most. No matter your focus, your firm is committed to providing legal services to a community. Visitors to your website will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and possess different abilities, particularly if you practice in elder or disability law. Making your expertise accessible to as many people as possible shows a commitment to prioritizing the needs of your clients as well as your community. fSquared Marketing is the only legal marketing firm to offer this level of experience and expertise in web accessibility.

Learn more about web accessibility.

How important are good lawyer photos?

The most important part of any law firm website is the lawyer bio, and at the heart of every lawyer bio is the lawyer’s photo.

Professional photos including headshots, action shots, candids, and images of your office allow visitors to feel more comfortable and help to build trust. When people associate a smiling face with a name, it can make them feel better about reaching out to the firm for help. When potential clients search the internet for representation, they’re most likely anxious and uncertain. Most people in search of a lawyer are dealing with stressful life events such as divorce, injury, criminal charges, financial hardship, or death. Your photos should represent the confidence and expertise your firm and its lawyers have to deal with these issues.

For more on lawyer photography, check out our blog post, 8 Simple Rules for Better Law Firm Photography.

How can a law firm use videos?

In today’s online world, video is one of the best ways to stand out. When both text and video are on the same webpage, 72% of visitors would prefer to watch a video to learn about a product or service. Many people prefer to stream a video on their smartphone rather than reading an article on their desktop.

Not only is video one of the best ways to reinforce a firm’s brand and messaging and connect with potential clients, but it also generates more traffic to your website by improving SEO and search rankings because videos increase the time visitors spend on a site, which in turn develops more leads and converts more clients to your firm. Additionally, videos can and should be used across your various social media channels.

Video increases engagement and helps your firm promote a range of things, from services to testimonials. At fSquared Marketing, we will manage your video project from conception to completion. We’ll assist in publishing it on your website or social media sites, along with great copy to help boost your search engine optimization.

What types of advertising do you offer?

Sifting through all the options available for law firm advertising can be overwhelming. This is where fSquared Marketing comes in. For over a decade, we have worked with numerous law firms on their advertising campaigns and are familiar with their needs. A successful advertising campaign is based on the twin pillars of creative vision and strategy. To understand these two elements, you must understand your clients and choose advertising methods that reach them.

These days, digital paid advertising tends to be more effective than traditional advertising as most potential clients are online. Consumers spend more time viewing digital media than they do traditional media. But traditional media still has its place, which is why we recommend a mix of traditional and digital marketing efforts. Our multi-disciplinary team can help you find what works best for your firm, from print to web. Whether it’s promoting a merger or a new hire or announcing a big win or award, our team has created, designed, and produced that campaign.

Do you help with content creation?

When it comes to content creation such as blog posts, insights, case studies, thought leadership, and the like for your website or social media channels, your lawyers are the best sources to generate this content. A good place to start is thinking of questions that are frequently asked by clients and prospects. Answers to common FAQs can be used across a number of media channels and can be expressed in text or in video, increasing search engine optimization as well as driving traffic to your site due to their very nature of being commonly asked questions. In addition, posting regularly to your website’s blog or LinkedIn profile ensures that the content associated with your firm is up-to-date and relevant.

Where we shine is in assisting you to market your bespoke content. Through our customized website designs featuring smart content linking, easy content updates, social media integration, and customizable blogs among other features, we make it easy for you to share your expertise. In addition, our marketing and advertising experts will have a number of ideas for how to use your content to market your firm to the best possible advantage.

“fSquared’s experience and familiarity with a law firm’s culture as well as their understanding of our objectives helped in the smooth and successful implementation of our student video project.”

Elizabeth Reymundo, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Gowling WLG

Through this process, I’ve learned a great deal from fSquared Marketing about website strategy. I’m looking forward to using the new brand and website to accomplish our marketing and business development goals.

Jil Rinne, Director of Marketing and Communications, Willenken
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