The strength of your law firm rests on the strength of your client relationships. It’s easier, and far more efficient, to receive a new mandate from a current client than from a prospect. We can help you help you implement client programs and CRM systems that save you time and money.


It is said that in most firms 80% of revenue comes from 20% of clients. These clients are valuable and your competitors know it. In order to not only retain, but grow, these critical relationships, formal steps should be taken to institutionalize these relationships. We have extensive, and proven, experience with the development of key client programs at top of industry firms. Let us bring that experience to your firm.

  • Client Feedback Program strategy and goals
  • Client questionnaires to garner insightful content
  • In-person and/or on-line programs to gain maximum traction
  • Face-to-face interviews in order to gain in-depth feedback
  • Analysis of program outcome and strategic recommendations


Survey after survey show that the majority of law firms do not actively ask their clients for feedback. This leaves firms in the dark about how clients view their work and their relationship. This is a lost opportunity; client feedback could be the impetus for sweeping client service improvements and an increase in share of wallet. It’s never easy to take a look in the mirror and ask the hard questions. It can be harder still if your client isn’t comfortable coming forward with their opinions. We can work with you to develop and implement a program that works for both your firm and your clients.

  • Key Client Program infrastructure
  • Client plans to maximize your share of wallet
  • Development of cross-servicing plans
  • Preparation for key client and relationship review meetings
  • Metric analysis driven by relationship objectives


Your clients and contacts are your most valuable assets. Successful firms appreciate this and implement advanced systems to nurture their relationships.

Whether you are looking to provide new offerings for current clients, court new prospects, or improve client service, a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system can be a game changer. At fSquared Marketing, we have the law firm experience to understand not only current technology, but your firm’s culture. Lawyers, we know, are often traditionalists and can often be wary of both the system and sharing of client information. But technology has plenty to offer the legal profession: it can automate away many of the boring tasks, and increase operational efficiency. We can help your firm to implement a CRM system, and get your team onboard with the digital future.

  • CRM system training for revenue generation
  • Current CRM process and software evaluation
  • CRM Platform needs assessment
  • Third Party CRM Enterprise system evaluation and implementation

“Creative, insightful and knows how to help a law firm develop important client relationships.”

- David Koschik, Executive Committee Member, White & Case


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