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Animation is an excellent method for capturing the attention of your audience. Done right, animation can help your law firm to tell a compelling story, showcase your brand, or outline a concept or process while delighting your audience.

Our skilled graphic designers create custom, professional animations for:

  • Holiday cards
  • Award-winning websites
  • Social media
  • Animated law firm videos
  • Digital advertising

We have the legal marketing experience and design skills to deliver phenomenal work. And we love doing animation!

If you are interested in learning more, get in touch with our design team.

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How Law Firms Can Use Animation

It can be challenging to capture the attention of busy professionals and time-strapped prospective clients.

We live in the Information Age, bombarded by thousands of messages a day. Most people simply do not have the time or mental bandwidth to absorb any more content. Even if a potential client is interested in your firm’s latest blog post, they may not have time to read it.

Animation is fast, fun, and immediately appealing–cutting through the digital noise. It can help your law firm to spark a connection with prospective clients. And it can be a great way to reconnect with your firm’s biggest advocates.

Here are a few of the ways that your law firm can use animation:

  • To explain a topic: A short, animated explainer video can be used to provide a punchy overview of a new law or industry development. Your firm could also use animation to answer common questions or guide your audience through a process. For example, to outline the steps in dispute resolution, a divorce, or applying for a patent.
  • To showcase your firm’s culture and values: A brand animation shows the world what your firm is about. You can use animation to celebrate your firm’s community involvement, welcome students, or announce a charitable initiative.
  • To add flair to your web design: Micro-animations on your firm’s website can reinforce your brand, help users navigate your website, and entice them to take action. For example, Kirkland & Ellis, the world’s most profitable law firm, uses animation on their homepage and throughout their website.
  • In video intros & outros: Animation can help your firm to brand your videos, giving them a more professional, polished look. Animated elements can also be used in webinars and client presentations.
  • To let clients know you care: A custom, animated holiday card, event invitation, or ‘Thank You’ is a great way to show your appreciation.

Very few law firms are using animation right now which means that you have an opportunity to stand out. But this needs to be done right, with care for the integrity of the brand. The execution needs to be absolutely flawless.

As experienced legal marketers, our work is always on-brand, professional, and memorable.

Interested in making animation work for your law firm? Contact our design team.

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