We know that your time is (literally) money. Don’t waste either by hiring a consulting agency that doesn’t understand your business. Our truly unique combination of legal industry experience, marketing expertise and technical best practices, means custom, efficient solutions to grow your firm.


In this age of things “going viral”, the enduring power of strategy is often overlooked.

But growing a firm takes considerable thought and dedication. No single advertisement, website, or consultation is going to produce overnight success. Your lawyer seminar, firm website, and client events; these aren’t one-off’s— they’re the tactics of a larger strategy. At fSquared Marketing we approach every business development, marketing, and training project as part of a cohesive strategy.

Each law firm is unique, which means that there is no single formula for growth. We take the time to understand the nature of your firm and the finer details of what of the work you do and more importantly, for whom you do it. Then, we match this insight with our broad overview of the legal market to create a map to guide you forward. How do we grow law firms? By taking good care of the roots.

Our marketing strategists are backed by graphic designers and web developers, writers, and lawyer coaches; after all great design stems from insightful strategy. Our approach combines strategic consulting & award-winning design, all under one roof.

A Law Firm Business Development Diagram being drawn on a whiteboard

“Every project we undertake starts with us understanding our clients’ strategic goals.”

– Lynn Foley, CEO & Co-Founder, fSquared Marketing



Our clients do complex, highly specialized work, which is why they need a consulting agency that understands their market and their culture.

With leadership who have worked in-house at law firms in the US and Canada for over a decade, and a team that has worked with dozens of law firms, we have an insider’s knowledge of the legal market. We understand the business and culture of legal and have the ability to discuss the impact of initiatives at the executive committee level.

There is no substitute for proven results. Grounded in our decades of experience, we’ve created successful design projects, award-winning brands, and effective marketing programs. Whether it’s consulting, design, or training, fSquared Marketing is committed to offering you real value. We know law firms and we get results.



If you have a marketing or business development project that not only requires specific marketing expertise, but a team who have in-house experience with law firms and professional services, then give us a call. If you’re looking for assistance with building a new website, implementing a client feedback program, undertaking a strategic planning initiative or another one-off project, we have the resources you need.


If you are a firm with broad marketing needs, as a full-service provider we’re available to work with your firm on all elements of your strategic, client and marketing plans, from design through implementation. We believe that it shouldn’t only be the “big firms” who have access to top of market, multi-discipline resources and as such have built a model that can suit our clients’ budgets, as well as their needs.


If you’re looking for strategic senior-level marketing leadership and advice on a part-time basis from individuals with in-house experience we can help. Whether, you need the on-going assistance of a CMO or Marketing Manager equivalent, we can provide, a resource plan that works.


Do you have broader marketing needs but your in-house team is stretched too thin with current projects? You have three RFP’s to submit yesterday but your staff doesn’t have the experience to put them together? Allow us to support you without the overhead of hiring new employees. If you need specialized marketing and business development resources on an on-going basis, we have the resources you need to augment your team.

“The leadership team at fSquared Marketing has a unique combination of skills, to see and explain the big picture and to develop and implement detailed action plans to move visions into realities. I worked with Lynn on a variety of strategic marketing plans over several years, and have admired her creativity, organization, diplomacy and drive to achieve remarkable results.”

- Larry Sandrin, Partner, Bennett Jones