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We provide professional, high-quality video production and video marketing services to help law firms tell their story, engage target audiences, and achieve marketing wins.

Done right, video is powerful. It creates an immediate connection between your brand and your audience. For a law firm, video marketing is a fantastic way to stand out in a crowded market, build trust with target audiences, and share knowledge.

We have a deep understanding of both the legal market and video production. We can help your firm implement a video marketing strategy that aligns with your firm’s business goals.

Our video production services include:

  • Concept development
  • Storyboarding & script development
  • Art direction
  • Camera crews
  • Post-production editing including after effects

We can help your law firm use video to:

  • Improve your website, from the homepage to the lawyer bio
  • Connect with prospective clients
  • Boost email engagement
  • Tell the story of your firm, lawyers, and approach to the practice
  • Share wins through video case studies and client testimonials
  • Become a thought leader in your area of expertise
  • Implement video in your digital advertising

The videos we create for law firms are memorable and unique, reinforcing a firm’s brand and messaging.

Let’s give your audience something great to watch.

The Advantage of Video Marketing for Law Firms

Video marketing is quickly becoming an indispensable tool in the modern marketing toolkit. And for good reason.

According to Wyzowl’s 2020 State of Video Marketing Report:

  • 86% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool
  • 87% of marketers say that video generates a positive ROI
  • 84% say that video is effective for lead generation
  • 94% agree that videos increase user understanding of their product or service

Video can play a substantial role in client acquisition. According to that same 2020 report:

  • 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video
  • When asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, 69% of people said they’d prefer to watch a short video. This compares to 18% who’d rather read a text-based article, website, or post
  • People are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles, and product pages

Video is a Competitive Advantage

While many B2C and B2B businesses are using video to improve brand awareness, generate leads, and drive revenue growth, law firms have been slower adopters. Only 24% of law firms are using video as part of their marketing (ABA 2020 TechReport)

Law firms that are creating and sharing high-quality videos can gain a competitive advantage and differentiate their brand online, on social media, and in their chosen market.

Purchasing legal services is a major decision. Prospective clients want proof that a law firm has what it takes to solve their problems. They want to feel confident in their choice. Through video, your firm can speak directly to prospective clients, provide persuasive evidence of your firm’s expertise and accomplishments, and establish a personal connection.

Types of law firm videos include:

  • Lawyer Intros: Prospective clients visit lawyer bio pages to learn about the lawyer’s experience and credentials. But clients also care about the personality of a lawyer—they want someone who is attentive, professional, and personable.

    Video is a superb way to foster trust during a critical juncture of the client acquisition process. Through an introduction, a lawyer can speak directly to potential clients, outline their approach, and let their personality shine through.
  • Case Studies: Video case studies are a compelling way to tell the story of your firm’s successes. They allow you to highlight your winning track record and provide evidence of your firm’s expertise in a practice area or industry.
  • Client Testimonials: Having clients speak to their experiences with your lawyers and firm is incredibly impactful. Well-executed testimonials are memorable and sharable.
  • Announcements: Showcasing noteworthy firm announcements through video—such as a Chambers listing, expansion of your team, or expanded service offering—can allow you to capture audience attention. According to one study, Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text (Insivia).
  • Holiday Cards: A custom video holiday card shows clients how much you care. Video dramatically increases email click rates. Adding video to email can boost click rates by up to 300% (MarTech Advisor).
  • Homepage Videos: When new visitors land on your homepage, you may have only seconds to earn their attention. A homepage video can capture visitor interest, reinforce your brand, and outline your firm’s key messaging and differentiator. Here are 5 Reasons to use video on your law firm website.
  • Practice Area or Industry-Specific Videos: Videos specific to a practice area or industry can be leveraged for your website, social media, and for conferences, seminars, webinars, and other events.

Video Will Shape the Future of Law Firm Marketing

The way that people engage with websites and digital content is changing. Instead of reading articles on their desktop computers, prospective clients are increasingly using their smartphones to stream video. According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report, people watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week: a 52% increase from 2018 to 2020.

That same report predicts that online videos will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. And people are hungry for video content. In 2020, 86% of people surveyed for the Cisco report said they wanted to see more video content from brands.

Your clients have on-the-go lifestyles; they will appreciate the ease and convenience of a well-crafted video.

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