Your firm is unique, which is why we take the time to get to get to know you, before we fire up Illustrator or sharpen a single pencil. The best design encompasses the spirit of a firm: no more, no less. When designing a logo or promotional material for a firm, we aim to capture abstract concepts such as “trust” & “expertise” in the nuances of typography, in the interplay of colour. Yes, we’re artists just as much as we are marketing strategists and programmers.

At fSquared Marketing we have developed numerous law firm brands and implemented them across various platforms including web, communication tools, marketing pieces, client development material, social media and advertising. Our graphic designers have a knack for creating award-winning brands so whether you’re looking for a refresh or a new look, we can help.

  • Communication Tools
  • Customized Client Collateral
  • Brochures & Presentations
  • Reports & Guides
  • Infographics & Social Media
  • Video Planning & Production

Lawson Lundell


“There is beauty in simplicity. The challenge is how best to create exceptional web design while keeping everything accessible. Paying close attention to details such as typographic choice and colour treatment allows us to create something that is both meaningful and easy to read for all – no matter their physical ability.”


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