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The best law firm photography is packed with meaning: the confident stance of a top litigator, the welcoming smiles of a family law team, the feeling of community conveyed in a well-chosen image. We use photography to tell stories, letting clients know what it’s like to work with your law firm.

Photography is a vital aspect of law firm branding and greatly impacts the visual quality of a website. From your photos, prospective clients obtain a sense of what you do, how you do it, and what it’s like to visit your office or talk to your team.

Photography lets you showcase your firm’s greatest strength and differentiator: your people. High-quality lawyer bio photos can help you stand out and make an immediate connection with clients.

The lawyer bio is the most important part of any law firm website and at the heart of every bio-page is a photo of a lawyer. High-quality profile pics convey a sense of professional excellence, while the inverse can make a lawyer seem out-dated. No two law firms are the same. It is essential that your photos convey your authentic and unique personality. Our photographers capture nuance and expression.

Our experienced photographers honed their skills in the worlds of high fashion and advertising. They have an eye for nuance and can capture the unique personalities of your lawyers.

Our photography services include:

  • Professional lawyer headshots/lawyer bio photos
  • Team photos, office shots, and other photos for websites & marketing
  • Art direction
  • Photographers
  • Stylists
  • Postproduction editing
  • Formatting for print, websites, & social media

What other photography services do you provide?

Beyond lawyer photography, we provide custom photography and curated images for web and print. On the law firm websites we design, we use photography to direct visitor attention, guiding them to the right resources or lawyer. Done right, photography serves as more than a backdrop—it artfully reinforces firm messaging and values.

Custom and curated photography can be a powerful element of your firm’s content marketing strategy. We apply search engine optimization best practices to all our photography so that images rank well on Google and other search engines.

High-quality photos convey a message of professional excellence. The opposite is also true: unattractive photos make a law firm seem outdated. Combine this with the fact that websites and social media are highly visual platforms and the importance of exceptional photography becomes even more clear.

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Contact our team for law firm photography that makes an impact.

Find out how amazing photography can make your firm stand out.

Working with fSquared Marketing was a challenge— I mean that in the best way. From the outset, they encouraged us to think deeply about who we are as a firm. They challenged us to perfect our messaging, while keeping us focused on the end goal. With their assistance, our new litigation boutique was able to enter the market with a strong brand and a website that reflects our status as leading litigators.

Bob Cooper, Q.C., Partner, McEwan Partners
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