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It is universally understood that lawyers should continue to learn and grow throughout their careers and many firms have professional development managers responsible for just this task.

It is also known that to be successful in professional services one must be able to drive business to the firm.

But does your firm dedicate resources to Business Development education for your professionals? Do you ensure that firm wide meetings have a BD element to them? Are you continuing to educate your Marketing and Business Development staff? We can tailor programming that will work for you.

As a stand-alone session or part of a customized multi-part development program, during our seminars and workshops participants learn practical skills that can be applied immediately to increase the success rate of their marketing and business development activities. Using a mix of case studies, examples, presentations, checklists and interactive exercises, we customize our programs to ensure your team understands content and are able to implement what they learn when they return to the office.

Services Include:

  • Development of tailored professional development curriculum
  • Marketing and business development seminars
  • Business development workshops that fit your culture & goals
  • Retreat, firm, and partner meeting programming
  • Programming for non-lawyers

“Law school teaches students about the law; it does not teach them about the business of law. That’s where fSquared Marketing can step in and address the gap. It delivers exceptional business development training that is highly customized. Most lawyers will walk away from a training session with fresh ideas and practical tactics for business development.”

'- Candice Ball, Marketing & Communications Manager, Fillmore Riley LLP

“Their perspective on current skill gaps, married to their understanding of future trends, allowed for a curriculum that felt fresh and relevant for all lawyers, regardless of seniority. The result was skill and practice development for our lawyers that was actionable and approachable with learning that was tailored to the firm’s strategic needs today and tomorrow.”

'- Mike Bruner, Business Development Manager, Boughton Law Corporation
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