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It’s easy to be cavalier about a law firm strategy, forgoing long-term planning in favour of day-to-day operations. When there are cases to win and clients to care for, strategic planning can seem a little abstract. But when you’re navigating a complex legal marketplace, creating a map isn’t a waste of time: it’s an essential first step. A strong strategic plan provides a framework for the allocation of firm resources, a clear view of your place in the marketplace, and a plan for how to get where you need to be.

No matter the motivation to focus on strategic planning, the breadth and depth of our experience, combined with our knowledge of the culture and unique challenges of a partnership, make us a natural choice.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Implementation Planning
  • Review and re-alignment of existing plans
  • Review of Pricing Strategies
  • Competitor analysis
Graph of the fSquared Marketing Strategic Planning Process for law firms

“The leadership team at fSquared Marketing has a unique combination of skills, to see and explain the big picture and to develop and implement detailed action plans to move visions into realities. I worked with Lynn on a variety of strategic marketing plans over several years, and have admired her creativity, organization, diplomacy and drive to achieve remarkable results.”

- Larry Sandrin, Partner, Bennett Jones


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