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The best firms recognize the importance of constantly bettering themselves.

They know that the future growth of a law firm depends on business development skills being embedded in every level of the organization.

Seminars and retreats can be excellent steps forward, but they can also be costly affairs. We can help you get the most out of these opportunities. We tailor training and coaching programs to your unique needs. We’re also seasoned business coaches, helping our clients become regular rainmakers.

We have the expertise to develop yours.

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How can I develop practical business skills?

Lawyers are specialists in their own area. Not many are taught practical business skills or marketing knowledge. Lawyers and legal business professionals need to be proficient in effective strategy, tactics, tools, and their implementation in order to develop their practice and win and retain clients’ business.

Just a few business development and marketing skills we believe are crucial for lawyers to develop in the 21st century include understanding analytics to uncover business development opportunities, developing an online presence, key client relationship management, and the importance of emotional intelligence in successful business development and client retention. Developing these practical business skills takes time and effort on one’s own, but with the right coaching, from seasoned professionals who understand the industry, they can be implemented quickly and impactfully.

This is where our business development coaching can truly benefit your lawyers. We tailor our business development coaching to your firm’s size, culture, and needs, providing useful insights and perspectives for all stakeholders from partners to associates to marketing professionals.

What are the benefits of teaching business development and marketing skills to lawyers?

In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, business development is more crucial than ever for lawyers to understand.

The benefits of learning business development and marketing skills are many. Just some of the things lawyers will learn from our expert coaching in our seminars and workshops include:

  • How to turn contacts into clients
  • How to effectively diversity your work for a client
  • How to analyze profitability for new business opportunities
  • How to develop an individual marketing plan by setting short and long-term goals
  • How to draft a powerful social media profile and use it effectively to tell your story and stand out in a crowded online marketplace
  • How to better hear clients’ voices through stronger communication skills

With our business development coaching in our seminars and workshops, participants learn practical skills that can be applied immediately to increase the success rate of their marketing and business development activities.

What type of lawyer training do you offer?

With over two decades in the business, we specialize in business development and marketing training sessions. As a stand-alone session or as part of a customized multiple session program, we teach lawyers the ins and outs of marketing themselves and their practice by coaching in a range of areas from networking tips to client service strategies to focused marketing and much more.

We’re available for private coaching or group sessions at a time and location of your choice.

What are the benefits of a law firm retreat?

The importance of retreats to a law firm’s success can’t be overlooked. Firms that regularly hold retreats are usually the most prosperous. When done right, a firm retreat is an extremely powerful tool. Some of the ways a retreat can benefit your firm include:

  • Building teamwork
  • Resolving issues
  • Improving morale
  • Forging strategic plans
  • Planning for the future
  • Improving communication between co-workers
  • Determining short and long-term goals

What makes firms reluctant to pursue these benefits is the potential waste of time and money. We hate wasting time and money, too. Let us save you the hassle of planning with our experience and expertise.

Learn more about how we ensure your law firm retreat is a strategic investment.

What types of retreats do you support?

From a conference space around the corner to an exotic resort in another country, we can assist you in arranging your retreat, even taking the stress out of planning the agenda if necessary. From determining your retreat goals, preparing the agenda, facilitating meetings, and the execution of your agenda including leading training sessions, we can be your wingman every step of the way while making you look good in front of your team.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support you and your retreat.

“Law school teaches students about the law; it does not teach them about the business of law. That’s where fSquared Marketing can step in and address the gap. It delivers exceptional business development training that is highly customized. Most lawyers will walk away from a training session with fresh ideas and practical tactics for business development.”

'- Candice Ball, Marketing & Communications Manager, Fillmore Riley LLP

“Working with fSquared Marketing on the D-Drive was a pleasure. The team is creative, efficient and responsive.”

– Kelly Friedman, Partner, DLA Piper (Canada)

“Their perspective on current skill gaps, married to their understanding of future trends, allowed for a curriculum that felt fresh and relevant for all lawyers, regardless of seniority. The result was skill and practice development for our lawyers that was actionable and approachable with learning that was tailored to the firm’s strategic needs today and tomorrow.”

'- Mike Bruner, Business Development Manager, Boughton Law Corporation
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