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Stevens Virgin Included in Lawyerist’s Best Law Firm Websites of 2019

April 2, 2019

Every year, judges at the Lawyerist analyze hundreds of nominated websites, looking for the very best in law firm web design. And this year a website that we designed, coded, and brought to life,, was included in the Lawyerist’s Top 10 Best Law Firm Websites, 2019 Edition.

We’re thrilled, to say the least. What makes this recognition extra special is that the Lawyerist has been doing this for a decade. After all those years, they know how powerful good design can be.

“Good design is the foundation of a website that brings in business.”—Lawyerist

Exactly. Truly effective law firm websites are engines for business development, digital marketing, and lead generation. They’re also full of personality, which is exactly what you’ll see if you take a look at the Lawyerist’s selections for this year.

To select the best from the rest,  judges considered website design and security. They also took into account technical features such as search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility, mobile friendliness, and page load speed.

Stevens Virgin Icons image

Some of the best design practices which the Lawyerist has identified over their years of judging and thinking about law firm websites include:

These are great points and worth considering if you’re thinking of a new site. That said, the Lawyerist is a resource for smaller firms and their design aesthetic reflects their focus. A large, corporate firm won’t have the same goals as a specialized boutique. For a website to be truly exceptional, it needs to support the strategic goals of the firm.

We’re proud of our team’s work on and thrilled that the Lawyerist described it as “a brilliant site.” It works for this litigation firm: it makes them look great and it supports their goals. And we will never build another website like it again because we think that every great law firm deserves its own unique website.

If you agree, we’d love to chat.

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