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Announcing a Winning Website & Brand for Willenken

February 6, 2020

The desire to win is commonplace, but the drive to win? That’s rare.

Winning takes preparation, focus, and an uncompromising ambition to do all that you can. Willenken has that in droves. We’re proud to announce a new brand and website,, for this premier California-based litigation boutique, one that demonstrates their ability to deliver winning results for Fortune 500 companies.

Branding is the art of becoming known for one’s better qualities. Working closely with firm leadership and Director of Marketing and Communications Jil Rinne, we crafted a brand that reflected Willenken’s many excellent qualities.

“Through this process, I’ve learned a great deal from fSquared Marketing about website strategy. I’m looking forward to using the new brand and website to accomplish our marketing and business development goals.”— Jil Rinne, Director of Marketing and Communications

This new brand is as sharp as the minds of the firm’s litigators. Willenken’s new logo is a modern take on an Art Deco aesthetic with elegant, interconnecting lines giving a feeling of dynamism. In designing this logo, we were inspired by the firm’s approach to complex litigation: their attorneys formulate strategies to guide every move, while never losing sight of their clients’ goals. The “path” that the logo traces pays homage to that approach.

The raspberry color palette of the new brand is bold and far more memorable than the firm’s previous banker blue. A firm of Willenken’s caliber has no need to blend in.

We view websites as part of a unified brand experience, and so in building the new website for the firm, we made sure that was built on the firm’s values and key differentiators. Visitors to the site are greeted by the firm’s tagline “Because Winning Matters” and a video of their lawyers engaged in case research.

“We’ve always had a clear sense of who we are and what we bring to the table. fSquared Marketing took the time to learn about us and appreciate what sets us apart. The result is a website that communicates our commitment to achieving great results for our clients.”—Paul Loh, Managing Partner

It’s easy to claim excellence. actually demonstrates it through examples, such as the “Winning Matters” and representative cases on the attorney bio pages. We worked with the firm to present information in an accessible, user-friendly way. The goal was to leave no doubt in prospective clients’ minds that Willenken is equipped to take on complex litigation challenges.

Bright, authentic photographs show both the confidence and the approachability of the firm’s attorneys. The lawyer bios are feature-rich; visitors are presented with the most important information, with supplementary information readily available.

Willenken Lawyer Photography

Across the site, we used an approach we call “intelligent content linking” to ensure that it’s easy and intuitive for users to move between related pieces of content: e.g., between a lawyer’s bio and an upcoming event, or between a case study and practice area. This sounds simple; indeed “simple” was our goal—we thought carefully about building a highly intuitive user experience.

One of our favourite parts of our role as consultants, marketers, and designers is that we get to partner with incredibly bright, talented individuals and learn about their world and their work. We’re thrilled to announce this launch and we look forward to seeing how Willenken puts its new platform and brand to work.

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