UPDATE – What do the Lexpert rankings tell the VANCOUVER market about your firm?

August 23, 2013

Last week, I posted a blog called “What do the Lexpert Rankings tell the market about your firm? An analysis of the rankings of the Lexpert Top 30.” In it I discussed how you can make a cautious comparison of your firm’s lawyers ranked to total lawyers percentage to that of your peer firms to give you a sense of how you are doing in the Lexpert rankings and in the opinion of other lawyers.

This week I was asked by a law firm colleague if I had these numbers for the Vancouver market, where we at fSquared Marketing are based, and since I want to have happy readers (especially ones I see around the city!) I’ve analyzed the numbers and present them below.


If you haven’t yet had a chance to read last week’s posting, I noted that in general the Lexpert rankings can imply one or more of the following:

  • Some firms truly have a higher quality of lawyers than others
  • Some firms, and/or their lawyers, have a higher profile than others among their peers
  • Some firms better understand how the Lexpert rankings process work and have someone in their marketing team focusing on Rankings and Directories.

But what do the Vancouver specific figures tell us?

  • Of the national firms included, 4 of the 6 have higher percentage rankings in their Vancouver office than their national average.
  • In general, the national firms are doing better than the regional firms, which begs the question – are we seeing a bump in local rankings carried over from a national profile or do they just have marketing teams who are more experienced in working the rankings?

2013 Lexpert Vancouver Law Firm Rankings

If you have any questions about these or any other results, including what the results mean for your firm, share them in the comments below or drop me an e-mail to and I’ll get back to you personally.

Lynn Fitzpatrick Foley
Fitzpatrick Foley

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