Rush Ihas – Branding

Logo Design

Rush Ihas’ brand was designed to evoke feelings of trust, progress, and stability, which resonate with their target demographic. The logo exudes a sense of stability and reliability by using strong, steady lines and shapes that convey a feeling of trustworthiness and dependability. Forward-leaning shapes represent progress reflecting upon the brand’s commitment to move forward and evolve. It embraces a contemporary and up-to-date design style, incorporating clean lines, minimalist elements, and modern typography.

Rush Ihas branding showing logo redesigned on dark and light background

Logo on dark and light background

Rush Ihas Branding showing logo grid

Logo shown with grid

Rush Ihas branding showing favicon redesigned

Logo Icon


Rush Ihas Branding showing typography


Rush Ihas Branding showing photography

Web Design

Rush Ihas website redesign - branding

Colour Palette

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