Jenny van Enckevort

Content Specialist

About Jenny

Jenny is a content specialist with 19 years of experience offering professional marketing and communications services. Their expertise spans legal marketing, higher education, community development, non-profits, children’s healthcare, and small businesses. Through website content development, social media marketing and organizational storytelling in both the public and private sectors, they are passionate about showcasing people and businesses at their best.

Jenny received a B.A. from the University of British Columbia, graduating with a double major in English Literature and Film Studies. They are an experienced social justice advocate, promoting diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion—especially for people with disabilities, and for 2LGBTQ+ folks and communities.

In A Previous Life

Jenny is a former editor of Cinephile magazine, and for several years they cohosted and coproduced Down the Hall—a UBC podcast about teaching and learning. They are an avid gardener, and have spent many years learning about plant wisdom with Indigenous leaders in urban communities. They currently volunteer as a peer leader for emergency preparedness and long-term resilience efforts in their community.

In summer 2023, the world had high hopes for Meta’s newest social media platform, Threads. At a time when it looked like Elon Musk’s overnight rebrand from Twitter to X would contribute to the...

June 25, 2024

Social media can be a critical aspect of any law firm's digital marketing strategy. Our insights on Threads for law firms can help you understand this X/Twitter rival app,...

August 17, 2023

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