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Lynn Foley Quoted in Legaltech News on Law Firm Tech & Inclusion

September 28, 2020

On Monday, Sept. 21, Lynn Foley, CEO of fSquared Marketing, took part in an LMA Tech Midwest panel discussion: “Firms Using Technology to Support Racial and Social Justice”. This panel was covered by Victoria Hudgins, a journalist for LegalTech News.

In her article, “Podcasts, Videos, Tough Conversations: How Law Firms Use Tech for Inclusion”, Hudgins notes that “many firms have turned to technology in a bid to create a more inclusive environment.”

One example of a tech-powered initiative is Barnes & Tornburg’s “Diversity Matters” podcast which “aims to make room for courageous conversations about diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.” Another example is how Jackson Walker uses videoconferencing to foster conversations around difficult questions about race, inclusion, and the legal industry.

Hudgins also notes that inclusion is not limited to “race, gender, or sexuality”. Law firms should also ensure that their websites are made accessible to people with disabilities. Lynn Foley is quoted as referring to website accessibility as “your ramp into your law firm…It’s the ability to make sure disabled people have as much access to legal services as anyone else…The more digital we are going to be due to COVID, the more important it is to ensure that area [a website] is still accessible.”

Learn more about web accessibility for law firms.

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