Does Your Design Agency Speak Your Language?

Is your design agency understanding your brand?
If you’re ever confused by your design agency, it’s not just you.  Yes, they are probably very creative people who can put together a visual brand that you could never even imagine.  But if you can’t understand how they are explaining their work, and how it relates to your organization, how do you know that they are actually listening to you and what you need?

The Best Moments in Design Jargon Bullshit!

If you ever wanted proof that you’re not the only person who sometimes thinks that their design firm is just making it all up, then you need to go to a website called “”.  A website that has dedicated itself to finding and posting the gems that design agencies publish in relation to their work, it highlights, again and again, how some can form sentences that none of us can understand.  As I said, it’s not just you!

Below are some gems from the site which gives you an idea of what we’re talking about.

“Our strategists developed positioning that angled this curatorial expertise to the forefront of the new brand”

“Color is the first element of recognition. It is anchored in time and reflects the integration of two very strong brands”

“The mark represents the flames of truth, knowledge and service”

So if you’re ever in a meeting with your design firm, and you’re hearing words being put together in the same sentence to describe your brand that make no sense to you whatsoever, ask them to rephrase it.  Still not working for you?  Ask them to explain it to you in layman’s terms.  If the language still doesn’t “sound like” your firm to you, then it may be that they don’t truly understand your objectives .  And if it’s not working for you, what chance do your clients have?Share any “gems” you have heard from your agency in the comments below.


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