Lawson Lundell

Creating a Holiday Recipe Experience

The firm

Lawson Lundell LLP is a leading full-service business law firm in Western and Northern Canada and long-time client of fSquared Marketing—we’ve worked together on several projects including branding, advertising, marketing collateral, videos, and holiday cards. Making a creative, out-of-the-box holiday card idea come to life was just another day at the office when our firms work together.

The challenge

The Lawson Lundell marketing team wanted to create a unique holiday card with contributions of family recipes from lawyers and staff across all four offices to create a holiday keepsake “recipe book”. The “book” needed to be cost effective, easily distributed, and most importantly, have a heartfelt family feel.

The solution

fSquared Marketing created a recipe microsite with additional elements allowing Lawson Lundell to promote and distribute the website to clients. These included a landing page, eCard video, and a printed card. All elements had the same festive look and feel.

The work

Lawson Lundell law firm holiday e-card shown on different screen sizes

The Recipe Book – Reimagined

Initially, Lawson Lundell wanted to traditionally publish a recipe book as a keepsake, but the production time and cost involved proved prohibitive. The creation of a digital book was considered next. We recommended a better solution: a recipe website.

The benefits of a recipe website over a book or eBook were many:

  • SEO friendly and searchable
  • Recipes can be of any amount and any length
  • User friendly and easy for people to share
  • More cost effective
  • No need for external flip-book services
  • The microsite can be hosted alongside the company website

Other elements to complement the site and lead people to it included an animated eCard, a printed card and a landing page to host the video on the main site.

Lawson Lundell law firm holiday recipes

Website Design & Development


Through a series of discovery meetings with Lawson Lundell, we were able to brainstorm how the firm envisioned their recipe website. We mocked up some designs, then co-ordinated their team to collect the required content from contributors including recipes and images.


It’s important when designing any marketing collateral that new materials remain consistent with a brand’s look and feel. Our designers set about creating a website and graphics that felt part of Lawson Lundell’s brand but with the addition of festive, holiday elements. We compiled the content and edited photos. For every recipe, we added the contributor’s photo and recipe story.


When it comes to recipes, organization and easy access is paramount. No one wants to through the lengthy introductions and ads on blogs to find out how many teaspoons of salt is required. We created an intuitive website with search functionality, print, and share buttons. Every page links back to Lawson Lundell’s main site and social media.

Lawson Lundell law firm holiday card print version

Print Card

The print card featured the same cozy feature photo of an abundant holiday dining table as the recipe microsite. The inside of the card contained the URL to Lawson Lundell’s main website and features a QR code link to the recipe site. We managed the printing process and delivered the final cards directly to the marketing team.

Lawson Lundell law firm holiday card shown on desktop


Who doesn’t enjoy receiving an entertaining eCard? We produced a simple video featuring images of the dishes featured in the recipes along with kinetic typography, dancing snowflakes, and uplifting, jazzy music.

Lawson Lundell law firm holiday card landing page

Landing Page

We created a landing page on Lawson Lundell’s main website to host the video. When the eCard was sent out, a link to the landing page was included. This would allow the receiver to open the link to the landing page, watch the video, then click through to the holiday recipe microsite.

Value Added Services

Project Management

This project had a lot of moving parts. We took care to manage all of them and were sure to usher forward the production schedule keeping in mind our early December completion date. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Finding the holiday landing page from an organic Google search was important—we made sure to use SEO best practices to allow for an easy search.

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