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Winner of Best Law Firm Website: 2018 LMA Your Honor Awards

April 17, 2018

fSquared Marketing Recognized for Excellent Law Firm Web Design

We are deeply honored to announce that fSquared Marketing has won First Place at the 2018 LMA Your Honor Awards for Law Firm Website Design and Development (category: projects up to $85,000).

The award was presented to fSquared Marketing on April 11, 2018, at the LMA Annual Conference in New Orleans for our work on, the website for Oyen Wiggs, an Intellectual Property law firm. The Your Honor Awards judges described this website project as “An overall A+ for money, size, and effort.”

Lynn Foley, CEO of fSquared Marketing, holding the Your Honor Award for best law firm website 2018


“It is an honor to have our work recognized by the Legal Marketing Association. This prestigious award speaks to all the dedication, creativity, and strategic thinking that our team put into creating this law firm website. It was an innovative project for excellent lawyers; we’re thrilled to have this achievement recognized by the foremost authority in legal marketing.”

Lynn Foley, CEO & Co-Founder of fSquared Marketing.

Winning an LMA Your Honor Award

The LMA Your Honor Awards is an international award program recognizing industry-leading excellence across the most important disciplines in legal marketing. Winning entries demonstrate innovation and strong return on marketing dollar investment. For law firms and legal marketers, the Your Honor Awards program is our Pulitzer, Cannes Lions, and Oscars, all rolled into one.

“The Your Honor Awards winners showcase the best in the legal marketing industry, from creativity and execution to achievement and overall excellence,” said Betsi Roach, LMA Executive Director. “LMA is proud to celebrate member achievements and highlight the brilliant work our community is doing, further affirming our position as a thought leader in the legal industry.”

The judges of the Your Honor Awards were selected from both law firms and from leading service providers in legal, including leaders in tech, business development, and legal marketing. This was more than just a beauty contest. Judges analyzed competing law firm websites in-depth, considering their site architecture, navigation, functionality, brand implementation, marketing strategy, and whether they delivered significant return on investment for the firm. When judging a law firm’s website, they always asked one simple question: what is the experience like for the user?

The Award-Winning Law Firm Website

The best law firm websites are easy to use, intelligently designed, and visually striking. With custom-video, detailed case studies, and bold imagery, the award-winning checks all these boxes. It also makes it simple for clients and prospects to access detailed client-resources or to easily find out important information, such as when a lawyer is next presenting.

Oyen Wiggs is a boutique firm well-regarded for their capabilities in the highly technical field of Intellectual Property law. These lawyers have advanced education in technical and scientific fields, allowing them to advise clients working at the cutting edge of innovation. Above the Law describes them as the “Best Firm for Patenting Your Algorithm or Application”. It was essential that their new website match the excellence of their legal services. It was also vital that this project come in on time and on budget. We’re happy to say that we delivered on both counts.

We owe this award largely to the lawyers and staff at Oyen Wiggs, their trust in our expertise and their appetite for pursuing innovative website design.


About the Legal Marketing Association

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