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Announcing a New Brand and Website for Reynolds Mirth

March 24, 2022

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a new brand and website for Reynolds Mirth, created by our outstanding team of designers and developers. 

We’re thrilled to help innovative law firms strengthen their brands and reach new clients. A big shout out to Christine DeWitt and the team at Reynolds Mirth for their involvement and dedication to this project.

The new is live and we love its look! Reynolds Mirth is an Edmonton-based law firm that has provided exceptional legal advice for more than a hundred years. This law firm has an unrivaled depth and breadth of experience; their lawyers are known for their expertise. As such, the firm needed a new brand and website to reflect what makes it so great: its history, intelligence, and the dynamic personality of its team.

It was essential for our new branding and website to feel modern while reflecting and celebrating the firm’s storied history. From the very beginning, it was clear that fSquared Marketing understood this implicitly. It was also apparent that fSquared Marketing knows law firms; to have immediate shorthand with our agency was invaluable. The depth of their expertise eased the entire process, from logo options to design choices to the flow of the website. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

–Christine R. DeWitt, Director of Client Relations, Reynolds Mirth

Brand Refresh

Reynolds Mirth may be a long-standing firm, but its lawyers and legal support staff certainly aren’t old and stuffy. Part of the challenge in redesigning the firm’s brand was wanting to respect the firm’s lineage while reflecting its contemporary nature. The logo was the first step, settling on a dynamic new design while retaining the first letter of the old one. The colour palette is an updated version—vivid and distinct. Striking portraits were taken of the lawyers and legal support staff and extra attention paid to their bios where a visitor can easily access information or contact them directly.

The New

Both the design and performance of the new site are an improvement over the old one. Our designers rectified the awkward navigation structure by implementing what we call “Intelligent Content Linking” to create a seamless user experience between the homepage, lawyer bios, practice areas, and insights. Additionally, the backend of the website is much easier to use, making it easier for the firm’s marketing professionals to upload new content.

The old website was not mobile-friendly and was slow to load. Now, Reynold Mirth’s site is modern and responsive across all screen resolutions and platforms, from desktops and tablets to smartphones. In addition, we’re proud to announce that it meets web accessibility WCAG 2.1 Level ‘AA’ requirements.

Before: A Tad Uninspiring

A snip of Reynolds Mirth's older website.

After: Fresh and Engaging

A snip of Reynolds Mirth's newer website

View the Case Study

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