White Paper: The Business Case for Law Firm Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is important for every law firm

The Internet is a cornerstone of life in the Information Age. To fully participate in many activities, including purchasing products, conducting research, and accessing resources and services, people need to be able to access information on websites. Web accessibility is the practice of reducing barriers, ensuring equal access for people with visual and hearing impairments and others in the disabled community, and making websites open to everyone.

Beyond the greater good, web accessibility offers business benefits for law firms. In this 20-page white paper, we outline the business case and explore the Top 5 Reasons for firms to make web accessibility a priority:

  1. Equal access for all
  2. Improved user experience
  3. SEO benefits
  4. Protection against legal risks
  5. Communicates who you are as a firm

This white paper also includes a checklist to help you get started in auditing your firm’s website.


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