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Announcing a New Website for Alexander Holburn

August 29, 2019

Our team is excited to announce the launch of a new website for the law firm Alexander Holburn, a leading, full-service firm. Fast, sophisticated, and intelligently designed, the reimagined offers a welcoming user-friendly experience.

Great law firm websites make the complex seem simple. They anticipate what visitors are trying to accomplish and they offer a clear, direct path forward.

That makes it sound a bit too easy. The reality is that a full-service law firm like Alexander Holburn has many different types of people visiting their website daily from business leaders to government officials, from law students to in house counsel. The firm’s new website was designed to speak to a variety of audiences and help them find the information they need to accomplish their goals.

The fact that the new is so straightforward to navigate attests to the skill of our web design team. From the placement of buttons to the structure of the menus, every element has been carefully thought out to encourage visitors to dig deeper and learn more about the firm and its lawyers. The new keeps the emphasis on what matters most. If a visitor wants to learn more, there is always another step to take, a related blog post to read or lawyer bio to view.

“Our lawyers have expertise across a wide range of industries: we needed the new website to reflect this. Working closely with our team, fSquared Marketing has designed a website that provides a great platform for business development, blogging, and sharing news with clients. We’re also quite happy to have the power in the back-end that we do. We look forward to putting this resource to work.”

—Andrew Dawoud, Manager, Marketing + Business Development, Alexander Holburn

The legal blogs on

Alexander Holburn also had several different industry blogs on separate domains. We brought all this great content under one well-organized domain.

With revitalized photography and a refreshed UI, Alexander Holburn has never looked better. Like a great suit, the new website is the perfect fit for this team of smart, business-minded lawyers. This elegant and cohesive design revitalizes and supports the firm’s online brand.

For more on the Alexander Holburn website project, check out this case study.

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