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Announcing a New Brand Experience and Website for North Shore Law

May 19, 2020

We are proud to announce the launch of a new brand and website for North Shore Law.

Success in business, in law, and in branding, is not just about flashes of greatness. It’s also about consistency, working hard day in and day out, and staying true to your values. North Shore Law is a firm that knows a few things about being a dependable resource. They’ve been serving clients since 1973.

This North Vancouver firm approached us because they needed a new look. This project wasn’t about pursuing change for change’s sake; this was about ensuring the brand experience was representative of the firm, its lawyers and staff, and the community it serves.

As Christopher Doll, Q.C., partner at North Shore Law, put it: “Our new brand and website reflect who we essentially are as a firm: a hard-working team, ready to go the extra mile for our clients.”

We helped North Shore Law create a brand that is consistent and authentic. Whether a prospective client is discovering the firm through a newspaper ad, through social media, or through the firm’s new website, they will enjoy the same engaging brand experience.

Great brands aren’t just for big law. We’ve worked with numerous small and mid-sized firms on successful branding projects. From launch onwards, these firms have enjoyed greater market awareness and benefited significantly from having high-quality websites, compelling messaging, and comprehensive marketing collateral.

Interested in branding? We’re ready to get to work. Speak to our marketing professionals to learn more about our branding, design, and law firm marketing services.

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