A Website Refresh for Klasko Immigration Law Partners

The firm

Klasko Immigration Law Partners LLP is a large-scale law firm based in Pennsylvania. They are nationally renowned for providing creative solutions to many of the most complex issues in immigration law to multinational corporations, small businesses, hospitals, universities, research institutions and individual clients since 2004. Their lawyers are leaders advancing the legal profession.

The challenge

Klasko’s previous online brand did not reflect the firm’s talented team of lawyers, their wealth of knowledge, and their client centric approach. There was a huge amount of copy on the website that was not laid out in a way that was easily digestible for a user. The navigation of the website and the graphics also needed to be refreshed.

Refreshing The Online Brand

Discovery and Verbal Band

One of the advantages of working with fSquared Marketing is that we know lawyers and law firms. We had a number of meetings with the team at Klasko reflecting on their current brand and offering our suggestions as to how our talented team of designers and developers would refresh the website.

Refreshing the Design of the Visual Brand

Once the next steps had been decided, our creative and results focused design team set out to modernize the Klasko website. The logo remained the same, however the colour palette was expanded slightly and the font was also refreshed.

Communication Tools and Collateral

Our team of creative designers updated the graphics throughout the website so that they would reflect the new modernized website. New bio photos were also taken of the team at Klasko to tie into the theme of the overall refresh.

Website and Design Development

Scope and pre–production

Our design team created Information Architecture and Interface Design Wireframes focused on a seamless user experience

Website design and planning

The overall structure of the website was updated to provide a more seamless experience for a user. We moved the FAQ section to the primary navigation of the brand to help clients get answers quickly for their most urgent questions. Other changes included changing the primary navigation About the Firm section to a Team section, to allow users to be able to immediately access the team of talented lawyers easily from the home page. We also consolidated their various news and resources into one central insights section, re-ordering their thought leadership content in a way that was more digestible for the user.

Custom Code and Site Build

Our aim with Klasko was to redesign a website that was as client centric and as focused as the firm. The refreshed site is easy to navigate and uncomplicated.

Responsive Design

The new klasko.com is mobile responsive, meaning the site has been designed to accommodate modern screen resolutions and all major browsers. The website can be easily accessed on desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The design will look excellent on any device.

Print to PDF

Each lawyer’s bios are designed so that if needed a user can easily print a bio if needed.


We’re known for our expertise in accessibility and ensure our clients’ websites comply with web accessibility laws and policies. We applied our knowledge of accessibility best practices to Klasko’s refreshed website.

Lawyer Bios

New bio photos were also taken of the team at Klasko which tie into the theme of the overall brand. Our curated photography services included art direction, dress-code guidelines, and photo editing.

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