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The Right Stuff for the Job

The firm

Hunt Personnel/Temporarily Yours is a Vancouver-based recruiting and staffing agency that has helped companies find talented staff and job seekers find meaningful work since 1974. This family-owned agency works with a range of professional services firms, including as a recruiter to law firms.

The challenge

Hunt Personnel/Temporarily Yours had earned a reputation for being helpful, respectful, and effective. But the agency’s previous website didn’t convey these attributes. It was, to be candid, somewhat archaic. The previous website was difficult to navigate, didn’t perform well on smartphones, and was not set up for SEO performance. An upgrade was urgently needed. The agency recognized the need to modernize and reached out to our team. We were happy to help.

The solution

After getting to know the Hunt Personnel/Temporarily Yours team through discovery sessions, we got to work creating a website that matched their approach and personality—friendly, reliable, and helpful. The new design would address the company’s two distinct audiences: companies seeking staffing solutions and individuals seeking employment. The heart of the new website would be the Jobs Database. This functionality lets users search for jobs by category, location, and type (permanent, part-time, contract, etc.). We also created a new Resources section, staff bios, and a vastly improved web brand experience. Through structured data and SEO best practices, we optimized the new website for search engines, making it much easier for job seekers to find their next opportunity through

The work

Wait, doesn’t fSquared Marketing only work with law firms?

When we started fSquared Marketing, nearly a decade ago, we knew we would focus on helping law firms. This played to our strengths—our leadership has decades of experience at major law and professional services firms. And this specialization benefited our clients. Legal marketing is complicated and competitive, and mastery takes time and dedication.

We’ve maintained our focus on helping law firms grow. But we’ve also worked with a few service providers to law firms, such as Hunt Personnel/Temporarily Yours and MEA Forensic, an engineering firm that reconstructs accidents for law firm clients. Our deep expertise in law firm marketing means that we can offer strategic guidance to service providers in the legal industry. Hunt Personnel/Temporarily Yours knew about our reputation for creating award-winning law firm and professional services websites and decided we were the right partner for this project.

See the results

Jobs Database

The star feature, the Jobs Database makes it easy for users to search for opportunities by category, location, and type (permanent, part-time, contract, etc.). This functionality can be leveraged as a solution for large law firms with complex recruiting needs.

Resources Section

This new, attractively designed section offers informative blog posts and guides for job hunters and employers. It gives the team at Hunt the opportunity to demonstrate both industry and technical knowledge it an easy to navigate manner.

Social Features invites visitors to stay connected by following the agency on social media or subscribing to their newsletter. Providing links to stay connected with clients and prospects gives an additional marketing channel for the firm.

Friendly, Responsive Design

We designed a web aesthetic that is modern, fresh, and confidence-inspiring. The new website uses responsive design, which means that looks great on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. With more than half of all internet traffic coming from mobile, this was a necessary evolution.

Resume Upload

Job seekers are prompted to upload their resumes and fill out a short questionnaire about themselves and the types of positions they are looking for. This helps the agency to source the right talent for a role.

Also Featuring

User-Friendly Backend

The agency’s staff are busy and don’t have time to mess around with a complicated interface. We streamlined the backend experience, making it easy for staff to add new job postings, blogs, and client resources.

Fast Performance

No one likes a slow website, not visitors who are unlikely to wait for a site to load, and certainly not Google—the search engine penalizes slow websites. This new website is blazingly fast, loading in 0.521 seconds, making for a far better user experience.

Structured Data for Job Postings (SEO)

The new site uses structured data to format job postings for Google Jobs and other search engines. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page. Search engines, like Google, use structured data to understand the meaning of web pages and websites. Google can then display this information in special search features and enhancements. When a page has structured data, it can appear on Google as a rich result. This is where a search result is given high visibility treatment on the search engine results page. You’ve probably seen this before when googling a recipe, weather report, or product description.

Using structured data this billing administration position appears on the 1st page of Google as a rich result. For Hunt Personnel/Temporarily Yours the advantages of deploying structured data are clear: more visibility for positions, more traffic to the agency’s website, and ultimately a better chance of attracting the right applicant for the role. Beyond job postings, there are opportunities to use structured data for events, resources, videos, and more. Not many law firms, and almost no smaller firms, are using structured data to improve their visibility in Google, so there are huge SEO opportunities to be had.

Value Added Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Beyond structured data, we also implemented SEO best practices throughout the website, improving performance in Google and other search engines. The new website is mobile-responsive and that will also help, as Google switched to mobile-first indexing in 2019.

Project Management

COVID-19 has created some challenges for every company and initiative. Thankfully, our team has many years of experience designing and managing website projects. We also have systems and processes to keep the workflow humming along. We are happy to report that launched on schedule and is already attracting positive attention from the agency’s clients.

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