Eyford Partners

Showcasing the craft of litigation

The firm

Forged from the largest law firm in Canada, Eyford Partners is a litigation boutique, dedicated to scholarship and excellence. Several of its founding members have been designated as Queen’s Counsel, in recognition of their merit.

The challenge

The lawyers of Eyford Partners have demonstrated, time and time again, their skill in taking on complex litigation challenges. If you were looking at their previous brand and website, however, you might not have gotten this sense. In truth, both their previous brand and website were starting to a look a little dated. The firm needed a more authentic brand, one that did justice to their talent and passion. And they needed a new high-performance website to help them achieve their goals and connect with clients.

The solution

Website design is all about making it easy for users to find the information they need to accomplish their goals. Our highly experienced web design team worked closely with the marketing team at Ireland Stapleton to define, develop, and design a new website that would offer a more refined experience for the user. This new website would also be a technical improvement, being significantly faster and more accessible for users with visual and hearing impairments. We’re proud to announce that the new website was built to Level AA requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

The work

Branding & Identity

Discovery & Verbal Brand

Great marketing is about authenticity. It’s not about exaggeration or swagger; it’s about telling the truth in an interesting way. To do that, we needed to get to know these litigators. During in-depth Discovery Sessions, Eyford Partners told us about their values and passion for the work. Their clients told us about their excellence and willingness to share their legal knowledge. The decision was made to shorten the firm’s name from “Eyford Macaulay Shaw & Padmanabhan” to the much punchier “Eyford Partners”. Our marketers developed key messages that reflected the firm’s guiding philosophy, client-centered values, and their unwavering commitment to the craft of litigation.

Visual Brand

After our roundtable sessions with these lawyers, our designers were inspired. They took what they’d learned about the firm and started to experiment with line, colour, and form. The idea for the logo, which features two lines running in parallel, came from the firm’s approach to partnering with clients to achieve the best results. The brand colours emerged out of that sense of craft and virtuosity that can only be achieved through years of dedicated study.

Communication Tools & Collateral

Eyford Partners’ new brand was carried through to business cards, letterhead, stationery, and other marketing and communication pieces. We also produced a robust Brand Guideline document, to ensure consistency moving forward.

Web Design & Development

Scope & Pre-production

To quote Steve Jobs, design is “not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” We agree: the form of a website needs to support the functionality and every element needs to be fine-tuned to support the goals of the firm. Working closely with Eyford Partners, we identified the objectives for the new website, the different audiences the firm wanted to speak to, and the functionality they would need to achieve these goals. Only then did our design team draw up the blueprints (Information Architecture and Interface Design Wireframes).

Website Design & Planning

This stage is where functionality and form came together. The firm’s brand infused the website, from the custom video on the homepage to the memorable lawyer photography. Supporting elements were implemented to reinforce the firm’s brand throughout the web experience. And powerful functionality was created to add authority to the messaging. An example of this is the Cases Database, which showcases the firm’s record of success at court. We designed the lawyer bios to be both in-depth and compelling. The final platform, EyfordPartners.com, is fast, secure, and responsive—resulting in a great experience for users on every device.

Custom Code & Site Build

For our team, marketing is about more than flash. It’s about sharing one’s drive and passion. In order to tell the story of Eyford Partners, we needed to show the world what these litigators were capable of and what they had already accomplished. We built a Cases Database to allow prospective clients and referral sources to view a lawyer’s record of achievement in court. We also built Insights, Seminar, and Events modules to highlight these litigators’ status as thought leaders. Through our Intelligent Content Linking feature, related content is automatically linked and displayed throughout the entire website experience.

Custom Video

We created a custom homepage video for the new website. This video is evocative rather than literal, suggesting the craft and excellence which is so vital to this litigation boutique.

Authentic Photography

We think you’ll agree: these aren’t your average lawyer photos. Our photographers captured rich, timeless images of these leading litigators sitting in relaxed, but confident, postures.

Cases Database

A fully searchable database makes it easy for users to view each litigator’s record of achievement. This functionality empowers potential clients, allowing them to determine for themselves which litigator is best equipped to help them address a specific legal need.

Value Added Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our web marketing team implemented SEO tactics throughout the site, helping the firm to get found online. We optimized content and provided strategic advice to help Eyford Partners improve its performance in Google and other search engines.

Content Creation

Our writers drew on our experience in legal marketing to help Eyford Partners connect with new and prospective clients. Working closely with lawyers at the firm, we crafted key messaging, drafted new content as needed, and served as editors. This allowed us to ensure a consistent, confident brand voice throughout.

Project Management

fSquared Marketing is known for its excellent project management. Our extensive experience in managing the development of marketing programs, websites and e-commerce platforms, and our proprietary project management and communication tools, ensured that we kept Eyford Partners moving forward and secured a successful launch.

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