5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Law Firm Logo Design

January 20, 2023

A new logo can mean many things for your law firm. Perhaps you’re part of a well-established firm looking to refresh, or a law firm looking to establish your first brand with a logo design that will define your business in an overly saturated market. Of course, you want to make the right design choice and there can be many factors that may sway you one way or another in your decision-making process. Perhaps your logo has a deeper meaning that is important for the design to portray. Either way, there are some other factors you should be taking into consideration when designing and choosing a logo mark to represent your firm.

In this article I will be discussing five questions you should be asking yourself and your designer before choosing your final law firm logo design.

#1. Is it Iconic?

Can your logo stand the test of time? Will you still love it next year? Or five years from now? Choosing a logo mark that you will be proud to show for years to come is crucial. We’ve heard from clients how in the past they were rushed through the process, or pushed into the designer’s choice against their wishes, resulting not only in a logo they didn’t like, but one that didn’t reflect their firm. Choosing a design that is timeless, and not simply following the latest trend, can be challenging but it will save you from having to rebrand for a long time in addition to reinforcing your new brand with your target audience.

Some examples of iconic logos — Designed by fSquared Marketing

Reynolds Mirth logo design
Eyford Partners law firm logo
Mackay Boyar logo.

#2. Does it align with my law firm brand and values?

Before starting the law firm logo design process, it is important to work with the brand team to put together a design brief. This information will include information including your target audience, areas of practice, brand values, and design styles you like, as well as any other information that may be relevant to the design. This information will help inform the direction your design team will take. For example, a firm in entertainment law may use bright colours and whimsical  typography while a firm practicing corporate commercial law may want something more traditional. Your logo should speak as a first impression to your clients, and it should represent you correctly. This can range from something fun, playful perhaps hand-drawn to something more structured and aligned.

#3 Is it too complex?

When we think of some of the most recognizable and memorable logos of all time we think of companies like Nike, CBC, Dell, General Electric, Apple, Microsoft; these logos are imprinted in our memory and are recognizable as a simple mark. They can be drawn very easily and reproduced at any size, without losing clarity. This is very important in a logo. Simplicity is best if you are able to achieve it. A simple logo is easy to recognize and easy to remember. The more that people see your logo mark the more it re-affirms your brand identity.

Some examples of simple logos — Designed by fSquared Marketing

Larson LLP
North Shore logo
Oyen Wiggs logo

#4 Is it creative?

This may seem like a silly question but it comes right back to “Where have I seen this before?”. If you are looking for a typographic logo, a custom font may be something to ask your designer about. You can bring more creativity into the process by creating a custom font or altering an existing font to become something new. If you are looking for a logo mark then something that starts out hand drawn will help ensure that your design is unique and creative. It may seem odd, but less can be more – meaning that it isn’t always necessary that your logo mark be literal. You can take pieces and fill away and still visually understand the meaning. Using negative and positive space and manipulating the spaces filled can also help achieve a unique and creative logo.

Some examples of logos using negative space — Designed by fSquared Marketing

EKB law firm logo design
Willenken logo design

#5. Where have I seen this before?

This can be a bit of a loaded question. Considering the amount of media out there, it is more challenging to create something that is unique. That being said, it is very easy to go down the same path of other logos. We can all be caught up in trends which may affect our design choices creating a sort of tunnel vision when choosing our logos. It is important to push the boundaries of the logo mark to bring it past the “I’ve seen this before” stage. Before choosing your final mark, have it looked at by a few sets of eyes. If you are finding that other brands are recognized when viewing your logo you should push to move away from that direction to find something more unique.

Some examples of logos that look too similar can be found here.

Working with an experienced designer to bring to life your logo can help remove a lot of stress from the design process.

Need help with your law firm logo design?

Here at fSquared Marketing we have highly talented and experienced designers that will help you sail through the law firm logo design process, asking all the right questions to give you thoughtfully developed concepts. Let us help you find your unique logo that stands the test of time!

Tara Troch

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