About Gaelen

Gaelen has over seven years of experience in website design and development. He has built custom applications, mobile apps, and numerous websites for a variety of industries. The years he spent working at marketing agencies has provided him with an appreciation of user-centric design. As a web developer on the fSquared Marketing team, he is using his coding skills to build some of the best law firm websites on the internet.

Galen’s focus on user-friendly design goes back to his previous work as a playground designer, but his career as a developer began in earnest after graduating from the British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Web Development program. He immediately set out to expand his knowledge and push his skillsets by taking on a variety of challenging projects. After working for a number of startups, on everything from Facebook applications to custom websites, he took an interest in WordPress, the world’s most popular open-source content management system. He continued to grow his skills while working for marketing agencies specializing in the WordPress platform.

When he’s not behind his computer coding, you’ll find Gaelen behind the wheel of a car, doing what he loves most: racing at the track.