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As our digital marketing manager, Connal helps clients achieve their business goals through creative campaigns, experimentation, measurement, and continual refinement. Modern marketing calls for both creative blue-sky thinking and a disciplined, analytical mindset. Connal pairs the art of marketing with a data-informed approach.

Connal is a capable and studied writer. He has experience writing proposals, directories submissions, advertising and website copy, research papers, blog posts, fiction, and creative nonfiction. He is a keen SEO and content marketing strategist and has helped many firms create content that is brimming with utility and get their insights in front of the right audiences.

He also helps clients with the planning and execution of digital marketing campaigns—optimizing their advertising spend and achieving excellent results. Using data analysis and web analytics tools and methods, Connal advises clients on what is working, what is not, and where there is room for further growth.

Before joining the fSquared Marketing team, Connal orchestrated marketing operations for a Vancouver-based tech startup, helping the company to grow its brand. In 2016, Connal was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from UBC. During his graduate studies, he assisted in teaching university classes, ran writing workshops, lectured, and marked-up students’ work with what he hopes was helpful advice. He also wrote short stories (one of which placed in the Okanagan Short Story Contest), was awarded scholarships, and penned the draft of a novel.

Outside of work, Connal has provided marketing advice and written for non-profits such as Nature Kids BC and the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC. He is also a contributor to Vancouver Weekly, writing essays and reviews about the city’s vibrant cultural scene.


Connal planted trees as a summer job throughout his undergraduate and graduate studies. He lived in a tent, wore holes in his boots, avoided or chased off bears depending on their size, and planted approximately 800,000 saplings across Northern Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Connal's Insights

Connal's Insights

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