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In the Press: Our Research on Mental Wellness of Legal Marketers

September 23, 2019

It’s not just lawyers who are under considerable stress; legal marketers and business development professionals are suffering too.

That’s what we found when we polled 200 legal marketing and business development professionals working primarily in the United States and Canada. We released the results in our Legal Marketing Mental Wellness Survey Report.

The legal press has shown a great deal of interest in this research; to date, our report has been featured in The American Lawyer, the Lawyer’s Daily, Law360, and Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

Download the Report: An in-depth look at stress & mental health within legal marketingClearly, there is growing acknowledgment of the importance of mental health within the legal industry. It’s also true that, before this report, not much information existed about stress as it pertains to marketing and business staff at law firms.

Dylan Jackson, a journalist with The American Lawyer, had previously written an article about the mental health of professional staff and the tragic suicide of a chief marketing officer and a legal consultant. This article is insightful in its examination of prevalent structural issues including a power hierarchy “that devalues professional staff”. Jackson also noted that there are “few, if any, studies that examine the rates of depression, anxiety, addiction or suicide among law firm professional staff.”

As Jackson was writing that article in August, our team was pulling together the results of our research. Like Jackson, we’d noticed the lack of data on this topic. We reached out to him, in the hopes that our research would help to fill that gap.

In early September, Jackson interviewed Lynn Foley, CEO of fSquared Marketing. His article is published on “Stressed Out: Law Firm Staff Say Their Mental Health Is Being Ignored, Survey Finds“.

“The survey’s findings lend statistical credence to the ‘caste system’ that business professionals report being pervasive in law firms, a feeling that attorneys undervalue and ignore their contributions,” Jackson writes.

Foley and Jackson also discussed the fact that formal support for mental health is rarely extended to marketing and business professionals, despite their facing similar pressures as lawyers.

The fSquared Marketing team is thrilled that this topic is getting the attention it deserves. We’re also glad that our research is helping to further the conversation.

We invite you to lend your voice to the discussion: #legalmarketingstress

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