LinkedIn’s New Featured Section Offers Opportunities for Lawyers

March 3, 2020

LinkedIn has released a new Featured section that is sure to excite social media savvy lawyers and legal marketers.

As LinkedIn puts it: “The Featured section allows you to showcase samples of your work to people who view your LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to provide evidence of your skills and experience.”

LinkedIn now offers users the option to showcase notable work, publications, and interesting posts in the new Featured section of the Profile. This Featured section is prominently positioned near the top of the profile, right below the About section. This falls “above the fold” which means that visitors don’t have to scroll to see it—this is a huge plus for visibility.

Example of featured section on LinkedIn
An Example of the Featured Section on a CEO’s Profile showcasing a podcast, a video, and a blog post.

You can choose to feature any of your LinkedIn posts, upload images, videos, PowerPoints or PDFs, or link to a blog or external website.

If you want to feature a post, select the new “Featured “ star in your activity feed. (Note that you can only feature your own posts. Group and event posts can’t be featured for privacy reasons. You can, however, feature a post from someone else if you have reshared their post).

The Featured section is ideal for professionals in the media or creative industries who have profiles and visual content to share. But there are also opportunities for lawyers to make an impression and add visual appeal to their profiles.

You might, for example, share a whitepaper, a tweet, a blog post or a case study (see Lynn Foley’s piece in the “2020 Legal Marketing Trends” to learn why law firms are using case studies to build client trust). You could also choose to showcase your firm’s company page, an important page from your firm’s website, your latest article on LinkedIn, or a presentation. You can change the order of featured items to draw attention to the most important items.

An example of the Featured Section used on LinkedIn
This Senior Solutions Architect uses his Featued section to showcase his activity as a speaker and tech industry thought-leader

So far, we haven’t seen many lawyers using the Featured Section which means that there is an opportunity here to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Imagine a prospect visiting your Profile and being greeted with a high-quality introductory video or a case study—that’s going to give them a far better understanding of you and your practice. Expect to see more introductory videos in 2020 and beyond.

You can feature as many items as you like, but our suggestion would be to limit this to 3-7 important items. 1 -3 of these might be evergreen content, such as a case study, whitepaper, and a link to your firm’s LinkedIn company page. Cycling in new content to the Featured section (such as a blog post on a regulatory update) and removing outdated content will keep your profile fresh and relevant. You can still keep a library of content in the Publication section of your Profile.

We see this Featured section as a great opportunity for lawyers to show their work and provide visitors to their profile with interesting, valuable content. Marketing yourself effectively on social media doesn’t require that you make grandiose claims or tweet every twenty minutes. The best strategy is to stop selling and start helping. Providing free, high-quality resources through the Featured section is one way to start doing this.

See LinkedIn’s Help Section for more details on the new Featured Section.

Connal McNamara

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