Legal Marketing Mental Wellness

The 2022 Survey Results

The biennial Legal Marketing Mental Wellness Survey is complete and we have gathered the results. Please take a moment to view the infographic linked below that details these results. Thank you to all the legal marketers or service providers to legal marketers for sharing your valuable experiences.

The 2020 Report

Workplace stress as experienced by lawyers has been well documented in recent years; long hours and cases that have real-world impacts, as well as a ‘perfectionist’ culture, have led many lawyers to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. But what about marketing and business professionals in the legal industry: how are they doing?

Mental health and wellness have always been key issues for the team at fSquared Marketing. When we realized that there was a marked lack of data on the mental wellbeing of legal marketers, we resolved to conduct our own research. In 2019, we conducted the first Legal Marketing Mental Wellness Survey. In 2020, in partnership with the Legal Marketing Association, we greatly expanded the survey, collecting responses from more than 400+ law firm marketing professionals, as well as dozens of legal marketing service providers, across the U.S., Canada, and at firms around the world.

The results show that marketing professionals in the legal industry are dealing with high levels of stress and that COVID-19 has only ratcheted up the pressure. Legal marketers also report not having the resources and support they need to deal with work-related stress effectively. We have compiled these findings into an in-depth report, which we are pleased to share (at no cost) with law firms, universities, journalists, anyone and everyone with an interest in the legal industry.

in Partnership with the Legal Marketing Association

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