The best firms recognize the importance of constantly bettering themselves. Seminars and retreats can be excellent steps forward, but they can also be costly affairs. We can help you to get the most out of these opportunities. We’re also seasoned business coaches, helping our clients to become regular rainmakers.

“Law school teaches students about the law; it does not teach them about the business of law. That’s where fSquared Marketing can step in and address the gap. It delivers exceptional business development training that is highly customized. Most lawyers will walk away from a training session with fresh ideas and practical tactics for business development.”

- Candice Ball, Marketing & Communications Manager, Fillmore Riley LLP

“Working with fSquared Marketing on the D-Drive was a pleasure. The team is creative, efficient and responsive.”

– Kelly Friedman, Partner, DLA Piper (Canada)

“Their perspective on current skill gaps, married to their understanding of future trends, allowed for a curriculum that felt fresh and relevant for all lawyers, regardless of seniority. The result was skill and practice development for our lawyers that was actionable and approachable with learning that was tailored to the firm’s strategic needs today and tomorrow.”

- Mike Bruner, Business Development Manager, Boughton Law Corporation