Law Students Will Change the Future of Legal: A New Report

December 11, 2018

For an industry that is second only to banking in its culture of conservatism, there has certainly been a lot of talk in legal about change.

No doubt about it, these are exciting times. Technology is disrupting how law firms run their practice, market their services, and attract new hires. The term “AI” is buzzing in the air. Marijuana law is now an industry of focus for many corporate firms.

New Lawyers are Driving Change

It’s hard to cut the hype from the truth when it comes to the future of legal. One thing we can say for sure: law firms will never be the same. This change is less about “the tech” (although that certainly plays a role) and more about “the people”. Today’s law students want different things than the previous generations; their values and preferences will shape the future of the profession a lot sooner than robot litigators.

How do we know? Well, we asked law students themselves, reaching out to over 230 millennials currently studying at universities across Canada. One revealing result: 66% of students reported that law school had not provided “adequate professional training in the business of law”. Yikes.

The good news though is that law students today are eager to learn and for mentorship. They are actively looking for firms that offer that kind of support.

You’ll find more findings right here in fSquared Marketing’s Law Student Survey: The Mindset of the Millennial Law Student.

Whether you are looking to attract future rainmakers, to understand your new hires, or to educate your students, you’ll find something of interest here. If you’re currently studying law, we think you’ll also find this worth a read (good luck, by the way!) We’ve also created an infographic of the top takeaways.

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As consultants, we see original research as essential to our role in legal. In order to keep law firms informed about the changing landscape, we created the Canadian Legal Digital Survey, our annual Legal Marketing Trends whitepaper, and now The Law Student Survey. More to come in the new year.

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