Law Firm Holiday Card Awards 2015

January 15, 2016

Each year our team at fSquared Marketing is lucky enough to receive lots of holiday cards from our clients and colleagues in the legal industry. They come in all shapes and sizes, and through print and digital medium. We receive cards from global, national and local firms – all with a message of goodwill for the season.

This holiday season a number of cards stood out from the rest in both their presentation and their tie in to the law firm brand they represented. So our team decided to present our first annual holiday card “awards” broken down into four categories – print card, electronic card (animated and non-animated), and holiday themed digital piece.

Without further ado … drumroll please …. The winners are:

 Best Holiday Card – Print Category

 Winner: Field Law (Calgary)

Field Law holiday card


The combination of beautiful artwork, balanced design and printing treatment creates a wonderful sense of modern luxury and sophistication. This is achieved through thoughtful font choice, and artwork that directly reflects design elements of the Field Law logo while keeping a seasonal/winter theme. The spot varnishes, foil effects and quality cardstock choice bump up the tactile and aesthetic impact of the card.


The messaging conveyed in the card is well worded, and ties into the firm’s celebration of their 100th anniversary. The quality of the design and printing belies the underlying 100th anniversary theme of longevity and reliability of Field Law.

Best Holiday Card – Digital Category (Non-Animated)

 Winner: Alexander Holburn (Vancouver)

Alexander Holburn Holiday Card

Alexander Holburn Holiday Card Alexander Holburn Holiday Card Alexander Holburn Holiday CardDesign:

The creative combination of Alexander Holburn’s brand and seasonal colours, plus eye-catching illustrations, sets this Christmas card design apart. The design concept is also carried through to the three links emphasizing the firm’s goodwill in the community. Despite the diverse typography treatment in the main poem/message, it is still interesting and easy to read.


In keeping with the Christmas season, the firm has chosen a theme of giving, specifically emphasizing how Alexander Holburn gives back to the community. The choice of a Christmas poem written by one of the partners, encouraging the reader to participate in the firm’s charity campaign is a nice personal touch. Overall a good example tying in the spirit of Christmas with brand design and messaging.

Best Holiday Card – Digital Category (Interactive/Video Card)

 Winner: Langlois Lawyers (Montreal)

Langlois Lawyers holiday card

View Langlois Lawyer’s video card.


Unlike many video Christmas cards, Langlois ensured that not only was the video part of the card well designed, the email delivering it to your inbox was also simple and on-brand, conveying their message even if the reader chose not to (or was unable to) open the video. The use of elements within the logo, modified to create other graphics, was well executed. The stacked stripes in the logo were echoed in the gift icons on the intro screen, as well as the frames surrounding the staff bio pictures. The colours used were on-brand and visually appealing.


The message conveyed was simple, and the interest of the reader was maintained through subtle animation of the text transitions alongside compelling seasonal soundtrack. The video is a total of 36 second long which is around the upper limit of how long a video card should be for someone to follow through to the end.

Best Holiday Themed Digital Piece

Winner: Boughton Law (Vancouver)

Boughton Law holiday card

View the full boughton-holiday-infographic.


The primary colour that is used in this infographic is attention-grabbing and unique. When comparing the infographic to the Boughton Law website, the fonts that are used on each are noticeably the same. The custom icons on the infographic are clean, relevant, and intuitive. The overall appearance is aesthetically pleasing.


The logical order of items in this infographic is creative, but also intuitive. The title “8 ways to simplify the holiday season” is simple and catchy. The idea of ‘simplifying the holiday season’ ties in with the key messaging on the firm’s website, which is “we make the complex simple.” Finally, the Vancouverite humour that is used in this infographic is very much appreciated. It would not be a Vancouver Christmas without soy nog and yoga. Including humour differentiates your card from all of the other cards that simply just want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

So that’s it for this year. Remember to send us your Holiday Cards for 2016 so we can see (and congratulate!) the best in our industry.

Lynn Fitzpatrick Foley
Fitzpatrick Foley

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