There’s a famous saying in marketing: half of the budget spent on advertising is wasted. The trouble is you can’t tell which half. Our marketing plans start with a thorough audit of your current efforts so that you can find out what’s working, what’s not, and how your limited marketing budget could be better spent. Now, that’s not half bad.

Two people from the fSquared Marketing team working on a Law Firm Marketing plan

You can’t get where you need to go unless you understand where you’ve been. As part of our marketing needs assessment, we methodically examine every element of your current program, from firm brochures to those electronic holiday cards. Then we’ll help you to derive a concrete plan of action.

But how do you tell whether your marketing outreach is landing in the right places? Data is the key to taking the guesswork out of marketing. We provide analysis of your current metrics so you’ll know which efforts are generating returns, and which can be safely eliminated. The next time you sit down to prepare your firm’s annual budget, you’ll know exactly how much to set aside for marketing and what to expect in return.

“The leadership team at fSquared Marketing has a unique combination of skills, to see and explain the big picture and to develop and implement detailed action plans to move visions into realities. I worked with Lynn on a variety of strategic marketing plans over several years, and have admired her creativity, organization, diplomacy and drive to achieve remarkable results.”

- Larry Sandrin, Partner, Bennett Jones


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