Online, there is no limit to the number of prospects your firm can reach. At the same time, the internet is vast, and it’s all too easy to get lost. We can help you develop a digital strategy aimed at achieving concrete goals and forging genuine connections with clients. The internet is as big as the ocean— we teach firms how to fish.


Your company website is like your firm’s reception for online visitors. It should be attractive and welcoming, of course, but it also has to be functional and provide engaging reading material. Having broken links is as bad as having a hallway that goes nowhere and bad content is worse than giving visitors to your office old newspapers to read. A website should be striking and intuitive, and designing a great professional website requires more than a bit of code and decent design skills. One needs to understand the intended audience, and appreciate their online behaviour and motivations. It’s an art as much as a science. Luckily, we’re a bit of a Renaissance outfit at fSquared Marketing, comprised of code-ninjas, award-winning designers, and legal marketing strategists.

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Providing your clients and prospects with valued content on a regular basis is a stellar way to demonstrate your expertise and stand out amongst your competitors. E-mail marketing remains one of the best methods for engaging an audience and tracking the results. If you’d like to get started, we’re here to help. We have implemented some of the most successful e-marketing programs in the industry. All of our initiatives are backed by data and aimed to meet your objectives.

  • Build and execute E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Produce insightful metric reports
  • Integration of technology and content into firm website
  • Provide “Writing for Newsletters and Client Alerts” training
  • Evaluate and implement E-mail marketing tools and software
  • Integrate social media and other outlets into your campaigns
  • Manage clean up and segmentation of client and prospect lists


It turns out that social media is good for more than posting workout selfies and pictures of food. Staying active on social media platform is a phenomenal way to share firm news, build community, and connect your expertise with potential clients. But mastering social media takes time. Based on your target market, we’ll identify the channels you should focus on and those you can safely set-aside. We’ll work alongside you to develop an efficient strategy, one that yields measurable results.

  • Development of Social Media strategies
  • Establishment of a Social Media presence
  • Planning and Implementation of Social Media campaigns
  • Integration of Social Media into your website, e-mail marketing, etc.
  • Creation of Social Media Policy appropriate to your firm


Companies send out marketing materials constantly, but honestly most of it isn’t all that interesting or useful, so straight into the trash it goes. Without great content, marketing is no better than spam. Content marketing is a smarter, more sociable, means of conveying your firm’s message. Rather than bombarding your prospects with information, offer them a piece of valued insight. You’ll build an audience and retain the followers you already do have. Sounds great, right? The only downside is that for content marketing to work, you really do need to provide value. We can help your firm to develop a content marketing strategy, one that attracts a well-defined audience and motivates them to take action.

  • Development of Content Marketing strategies
  • Planning and Implementation of Content Marketing campaigns
  • Integration of Content Marketing into your website, e-mail marketing, etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Why bother having a firm website if no one ever sees it? Our SEO experts can help you to boost your online visibility, and put strategies in place to make sure that your website continues to rank highly on Google. We work from the ground up, building from individual keywords to landing-page to site ranking.

Your firm has unique goals—your SEO campaign should reflect them. We make concrete, data-backed recommendations that will amplify your impact. Your firm is too important to be overlooked on page 11 of Google Search. Let’s earn you a spot on centre stage.

  • Onsite Organic SEO Set-up
  • Ongoing Organic SEO Support
  • Competitive Research
  • Ongoing Keyword Strategy Implementation

Oyen Wiggs


“The team at fSquared Marketing is easy to work with and understands the legal industry very well. Although we have unique considerations as an IP law firm, they have been very quick to get up to speed on those considerations. As a result, they have been able to take into account the needs of the many different clients and potential clients who use our website. The end product is a website that is relevant and accessible to our diverse client base.”

- Jennifer Marles, Partner, Oyen Wiggs

“We are extremely pleased with the work fSquared Marketing did on our brand and website. They helped us develop a progressive and fresh brand, but still within what is appropriate for a law firm. Our website won a “Best-in-Class” designation in the Interactive Media Awards and we consistently get positive comments from clients and colleagues about our new branding.”

– Peter Brown, Co-Managing Partner, EKB

“In 2015 our firm decided to undergo a firm rebrand and we retained fSquared Marketing to assist us with this project. An undertaking such as this can be a daunting and overwhelming process for obvious reasons, especially when you are still trying to manage a successful law firm. fSquared Marketing has the experience, team and project management skills to effectively assist your firm in successfully rebranding. While not always an easy task, they worked hard at keeping our internal team on task. They set achievable deadlines and delivered when and what they said they would deliver.

We have had extremely positive feedback with both our logo and website design and feel that our new look truly reflects who we are as a firm. Their creative design work with respect to advertising is fresh and forward thinking, while still keeping in mind our traditional values and focus on our community.“

- Lynda Wendland, Marketing Manager


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