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Ireland Stapleton is a Colorado-based law firm that has been serving clients for nearly a century across a wide range of practice areas.


Law firm websites tend to be content-rich, so it is imperative that content is well organized and that the website’s navigation structure is user-friendly. The firm’s previous website had some challenges on that front. Finding the right lawyer wasn’t as easy as it should be. It was also a little slow to load, a tad dated, and lacking many features that make for an enjoyable user experience.


Website design is all about making it easy for users to find the information they need to accomplish their goals. Our highly experienced web design team worked closely with the marketing team at Ireland Stapleton to define, develop, and design a new website that would offer a more refined experience for the user. This new website would also be a technical improvement, being significantly faster and more accessible for users with visual and hearing impairments. We’re proud to announce that the new website was been built to Level AA requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).


During what has been an extraordinarily challenging year, it was a relief to be working with the cool, collected, and experienced team at fSquared Marketing. They were creative, collaborative, and responsive. They helped to keep the project on track and launch our new (and much improved) website.

Jessica Jaramillo, Marketing Manager, Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe, PC

Integrated Content

Related Lawyers, Practice Areas, Insights, Events, and Firm News posts are now interlinked. This makes it easy for a user to navigate the site, conduct research, and discover content relevant to their goals and interests.

Accessible Design

The new website was designed to be as accessible as possible for users of diverse abilities (Level AA, WCAG 2.1). This improves the user experience and also offers a boost to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Robust Bios

These new Lawyer Bios are well organized, are automatically linked to related content, and also look great. Each Lawyer Bio functions as a mini-homepage for everything related to that lawyer (e.g., Insights, Events, and Firm News).

Promotional Homepage

The firm’s new homepage is a well-designed jumping-off point for all things Ireland Stapleton. The homepage also has two areas that can be utilized for promoting special items.

PDF Functionality

Print-to-PDF functionality generates elegant, print-ready PDFs of lawyer bios and practice areas. These PDFs are generated from live content so they are always up-to-date. This feature is phenomenal for generating on-the-fly marketing materials and empowering referral sources.

Fast Performance

Website loading speed impacts both the visitor experience and how a website performs in organic search results (e.g., Google). The new website is rocket fast, loading 68% quicker than the firm’s previous website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Better website architecture makes it easier for search engines to find, crawl, and index pages on the new website. This new site is also significantly faster which is stellar news for SEO since load speed is a core Google ranking factor.

Writing Guidelines

We provided the firm with guidelines for key pages like lawyer bios and practice areas. These guidelines ensured that content was well-structured, user-friendly, and held to a consistent standard across the entire website.

Project Management

This project had just begun when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in North America, creating complications for everyone. Thankfully, our experienced team was able to keep moving the project forward without delay. We provided Ireland Stapleton with regular updates throughout the lifespan of the project, ensuring that everyone knew what they were responsible for, what the next steps were, and where we were in the workflow process. Firm stakeholders had the opportunity to review and approve each stage of the project, ensuring that the final website reflected their input and exceeded their expectations.



Our website projects begin with in-depth Discovery Sessions with firm stakeholders. During these sessions, we explore the firm’s goals, the target audiences and users, and get acquainted with the firm’s brand, values, and key differentiators. We also take into consideration the needs of internal users, such as the firm’s marketing professionals as this allows us to ensure that the backend is as user-friendly as the frontend. Our web development team will also analyze existing web analytics data to obtain an understanding of visitor behaviour, referral traffic, and traffic flow. We then examine what we’ve learned through the lens of our experience designing award-winning law firm websites and draft blueprints that reflect the firm’s goals and considerations (Information Architecture and Interface Design Wireframes).


One of the core elements of this project was rationalizing how the firm’s content was organized. To that end, we worked with the firm’s marketing team to define a better site architecture. Our developers then created custom scripts to automate the content migration process. We improved the user experience by ensuring that related content is linked in a way that feels intuitive for the user. We designed the new website to be easy to use, attractive, and modern as well as accessible to users with visual and/or hearing impairments (built to Level AA, WCAG 2.1).


Across the new website, we employed smart functionality to improve the user experience. Promotional areas on the homepage allow the firm’s marketing professionals to quickly swap in announcements. Feature-rich lawyer bios make it easy for users to learn more about a lawyer or to refer a lawyer. We also designed a Case Studies feature that the firm is planning to push live in the future. We ensured that the new website integrated with the firm’s performance monitoring and analytics platforms of choice and we also integrated Google Tag Manager for enhanced analytics and digital tracking capabilities. During the launch phase of this project, we took care to preserve inbound links, as these are an important SEO ranking factor.