Alexander Holburn

Handling complexity with ease.

The firm

A leading full-service law firm with approximately 120 professionals, Alexander Holburn provides a wide range of litigation, dispute resolution, and business law services to clients throughout Canada and abroad.

The challenge

Navigating the firm’s previous website was a challenge. The website’s heavy, dated aesthetic weighed down the user-experience. Also, the firm had eight different blogs, each on its own subdomain. The firm needed a more refined and user-friendly website—one that would incorporate everything under a single well-structured domain.

The solution

Smart design makes the complex feel simple. Working with Alexander Holburn, our team streamlined the information architecture for the new website. We added functionality without compromising on usability by focusing on core user interactions. How would a user find the right lawyer? Can we make it even easier for them? We used visual design to guide users through the website, highlighting actionable areas and logical next-steps. We focused on clean, modern design that gives text—and users—plenty of room to breathe. Our design team brought new life to the firm’s brand. In doing so, we paved the way for a more comprehensive brand refresh in the future.

The work

Alexander Holburn law firm website screenshot

Online Brand Refresh

Revitalizing the Alexander Holburn brand. Modern, sophisticated, welcoming.

Alexander Holburn law firm online brand refresh
Alexander Holburn law firm lawyer photography
Alexander Holburn law firm practice area page
Alexander Holburn law firm online brand refresh
Alexander Holburn law firm lawyer bio page shown on different screen sizes

Rich Bios

These bios highlight essential information while making it easy for visitors to learn more about a lawyer’s experience and expertise. They also act as effective landing pages—users can jump into a lawyer’s latest blog post or navigate to a related practice area or industry page.

Alexander Holburn law firm icon design

Icon Design

We created an extensive set of custom icons that encompass the client’s full range of practice areas and industries.

A professional viewing the Alexander Holburn law firm website on laptop

Easy Updates

A user-friendly backend puts the power in the hands of the firm’s marketing professionals. They can independently upload new blog posts, update and add bios, and swap out messaging and images, without needing help from a developer.

Complex Problem Solving

One of the challenges of this project involved bringing the firm’s eight different industry blogs under one domain. Integrating all of this high quality content makes the firm’s website more valuable for visitors. It also provides an SEO benefit by improving the number of inbound links to the main website. More links means better performance in Google and other search engines.

  1. First, our developers programmed custom scripts to scrape the firm’s eight blogs.
  2. This content was then automatically pulled over to the new website.
  3. New functionality was added to these blog articles, including intelligent content linking: a design feature we’ve built to connect blog posts to lawyer bios, practice areas, and industry pages and vice versa.
Alexander Holburn law firm custom website animation

Value Added Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By bringing all the firm’s many blogs under one, well-structured domain, we helped Alexander Holburn to retain its link equity, improving the firm’s ability to rank in search results. We ensured that the new website was fast, mobile-friendly and that key pages were optimized for Google and other search engines.

Content Creation

This new website was an opportunity for Alexander Holburn to revisit existing practice areas and create pages focused on specific industries. Our writers worked with the firm’s lawyers to create new content as needed.

Project Management

This project involved several moving parts. Drawing on our extensive experience in managing large scale web projects, we helped to keep everything moving forward. We provided the firm with regular updates about the status of their project, ensuring that responsibilities and workflow processes were clearly defined.

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