In-house Legal Counsel Say Law Firm and Lawyer Online Footprints Influence Their Hiring Decisions

2015 Canadian Legal Digital Survey Infographic Teaser

LinkedIn, blogs and lawyers’ online bios are among the tools most frequently used by in-house counsel in their professional lives, according to a new report released today, the 2015 Canadian Legal Digital Survey, by our team at fSquared Marketing.

Recent years have seen various reports and analyses that seek to understand the needs of in-house legal counsel. However, the majority of these surveys are initiated by, and focused on, the US market. This implies, perhaps incorrectly, that Canadians both find and consume legal services and information in the same manner as their American counterparts.

The focus of our research was web and social media engagement, and related areas such as content marketing, client feedback programs, electronic billing, client portals, and directories, in the Canadian Legal industry.

Our research confirmed that there were distinct differences between the jurisdictions. For example, smartphone usage in Canada was significantly higher and e-mail alerts twice as high as in the US. We also found that, although significant, there was less usage of social media in Canada with all but LinkedIn deemed to be less credible, compared with how colleagues south of the border assess the credibility of social media.

The survey, referenced with the hashtag #CanadianLegalSurvey on Twitter and represented visually by this infographic, suggests that many law firms are not yet making full use of the channels and media that their in-house clients are using to research and consume information.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • Web is now mainstream
  • Use of mobile is on the rise:
  • Content marketing influences hiring.
  • Trusted referrals still trump all.
  • Lawyer bios command attention.
  • Most in-house counsel remain “Invisible”.
  • LinkedIn is king.
  • If you write a blog, they will read it.


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