3 Reasons to Start Planning Your Law Firm Holiday Card in September

September 13, 2023

Just like that, September is here and once again we are talking about holiday cards. It may seem a bit too early to see decorations in stores, but when it comes to your law firm’s holiday card, there’s no such thing as starting too soon.

Your holiday card serves as a true reflection of your firm’s brand and culture and quality matters. To create something engaging that your clients want to open, your team will need a plan—and plenty of time to make it happen. 

A Few Reasons to Plan Ahead

#1: When you wait until the last minute, it shows.

Let’s face it, we all know generic designs when we see them, and they’re easy to dismiss.

Few holiday card designs are tailored to legal practices, and no template can capture the unique spirit of your law firm. Come November, you don’t want to be facing the panic of finding a meaningful concept that showcases your brand in a respectful way. When you leave your planning until the last minute, you’ll probably have to settle for a ‘cookie cutter’ design.

#2: Custom shows you care.

Your firm’s clients, colleagues, and community members will enjoy receiving a unique message that shows your appreciation at a time of year when many people are celebrating human connection. A custom holiday card tailored to your firm should reflect your brand spirit and personality, bringing a sense of familiarity, joy, and inspiration to your year-end message.

The best holiday cards are shareable with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. For example, when we are creating an e-card, print card, or animated card for a client, where possible we feature personalized details that range from local landmarks to festive recipes, and multicultural celebrations that help everyone feel at home. 

Getting an early start allows your design team to present custom concepts for you to choose from, craft a meaningful message, and collaborate with your firm’s team on revisions and approval.

#3: It’s easy to overlook the details.

With most holiday traditions, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make the magic happen. There are many considerations to include on your holiday card wish list before launching in early December. Will you be doing a physical mailout or an email campaign? Is your recipient list up-to-date? Will you be doing a social media campaign? Do the partners need to sign the card? Whose approval is needed each step of the way?

For a physical mailout, you’ll need to allow time for printing, creating labels, purchasing postage, and mailing the cards in time for an early arrival. For electronic mailouts, you’ll need time to design and develop a landing page, build mailers, and test links.

If you choose to work with an external agency for your holiday card project look for one with law firm experience to work with so they are asking the right questions from in-house cultural issues through the project completion logistics. 

Creating an Engaging Holiday Card Experience for 2023

Now that we have you thinking about how your law firm wants to present your brand as the year-end holidays approach, you may want to consider these holiday card trends for the 2023 giving season:

  • Making a donation to your favourite charity or local cause
  • Morphing Animations
  • Immersive 3D experience

If you need help with your project, contact us and we’ll guide you through consultation, concepts, and creation of your law firm’s one-of-a-kind holiday card.

To learn more about our process, watch this video or check out our Holiday Card page.

Robert Foley

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