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Our Mission & Vision

fSquared Marketing was founded in 2012 after we made a simple observation: as law firms and other professional services companies were being squeezed on fees by their clients, and the market has become more competitive as companies were bringing their professional resources in-house, some firms were cutting their marketing and business development budgets.  As a result, they often had resources who specialized in just one area of marketing and business development, or junior team members that lacked the seasoning they required for success.  Usually they supplemented with external agencies who had little industry experience or sole practitioners who provided only one facet of the services they required.

And so we launched fSquared Marketing, a legal marketing and professional services consultancy, with expertise in all of the facets that our clients need – business and client development, marketing, digital and technological. We are building a team of experienced professionals who have both the technical expertise and industry know how our clients need, at varying levels of experience, in order to offer the right resources at the right budget and level – so our clients can successfully maximize the budgets they do have!

fSquared Marketing is on a mission to provide the best possible, most culturally informed, practical business development and marketing resources to law firms and professional services companies who need them.


Why fSquared Marketing?

  • A unique mix of business development, marketing and digital expertise bringing the entire picture to your firm
  • In-house “top of industry” law firm and professional services experience doing for them what we can do for you
  • Team of legal marketing and business development experts available to differentiate you in your market
  • Regional, National and Global knowledge with experience in the Canada and the United States
  • Understanding of the business and culture of law firms and professional services
  • Ability to discuss the impact of initiatives at the executive committee level
  • Maximizing your marketing and business development budget by implementing practical solutions that yield results
  • Strong in-house project management expertise


Firm Leadership

Lynn Foley

Lynn Foley

Partner & CEO

“We provide every client with the same passion and drive as if we were in-house. Their success is our success.”

Robert Foley

Robert Foley

Partner & Chief Digital Officer

“We offer a unique value proposition in the market. Our global experience in law firms & professional services,​ combined with our expertise in marketing, business development & digital execution, can now be leveraged by our clients.”

Our Clients

Due to the nature of the work we undertake, we have consciously chosen not to list our clients on our website in order to respect their confidentiality. Believe it or not, in most markets, using our services can become an advantage that our clients don’t want known by their competitors.

Rest assured, however, we have worked with various “top of industry” law, accounting and professional services firms, in addition to some of their smaller peers, over the past 20 years, doing for them what we can do for you.  We work with global, regional and boutique firms in Canada and the United States. And before you ask – Yes, all over Canada and the United States.

We also do a pretty great job at assisting the individuals who practice at these firms in relation to their own brand profile, business development and marketing needs – just remember we’ve worked there too and know what makes sense in the market.

What Our Clients Say

Creative, insightful and knows how to help a law firm develop important client relationships
Executive Committee member Global Am Law 100 Law Firm
Business development coaching with the right combination of expertise, creativity, and swift-kick-in-the-behind to get you going in the right direction
Partner National Canadian Law Firm
…smart, strategic and understands the business of law firms.
Managing Partner Regional Western Canadian Law Firm
Don’t limit yourselves to what you think YOU want. Let them have the freedom to tell you what THEY think you need. They came up with some creative marketing ideas for us and our success has a lot to do with them…We are very appreciative of their hard work, dedication, and care. They should be proud as they have made us very proud of our firm’s new brand! Once again, a marvelous job.
Managing Partner Boutique Labour & Employment Law Firm
Law school teaches students about the law; it does not teach them about the business of law. That’s where fSquared Marketing can step in and address the gap. It delivers exceptional business development training that is highly customized. Most lawyers will walk away from a training session with fresh ideas and practical tactics for business development.
Marketing & Communications Manager Prairies Regional Canadian Law Firm